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ECP asks eligible voters to submit postal ballot applications by Thursday.

ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday asked the eligible voters to submit postal ballot applications to the concerned Returning Officers for general elections to National Assembly and provincial assemblies by Thursday (Apr 25).

An official of ECP told that the facility is being extended only to prisoners, government officials, members of armed forces, holders of public offices, their wives and children stationed at a place other than the constituency, where their votes are registered.

The ECP has explained that applications for postal ballot should be made on the prescribed form with the returning officer of the constituency in which such persons are enrolled as voters. The deadline of such applications had already been extended from April 15 to 25 to facilitate the people.

The application form for issuance of postal ballot is available with ECP's District Election Commissioners as well as ECP's website from where it can be obtained/downloaded free of cost.

The names and contact numbers of Returning Officers across the country are also available on ECP's website.

All applications for postal ballot by voters should be addressed to the Returning Officer appointed for their home constituencies.

An application for a postal ballot shall specify the name of the elector, his parentage, address, serial number in the electoral roll, the electoral area to which he belongs and the number and name of the said constituency in which he is eligible to vote.

On receipt of such application, the Returning officer will send the ballot paper to the elector with an envelope addressed to himself in which the ballot paper, duly marked, with be returned by the elector, by post.

An elector, on receiving his postal ballot paper, shall write the name of the candidate for whom he wishes to vote. For this purpose a blank space has been provided on the postal ballot paper.

He shall thereafter, return the ballot paper to the Returning Officer in the envelope supplied to him so that it reaches the Returning Officer before the consolidation of the result by him.

The person recording his vote by postal ballot, will in accordance with the printed instructions supplied to him along with the ballot paper by the Returning officer, make a declaration before a Gazetted officer or a Commissioned officer that he is the elector to whom the ballot paper has been issued.

He will then have the declaration attested by such Gazetted officer or the Commissioned officer; the ballot papers reaching the Returning Officer after the consolidation of the result are not accompanied by the declaration and the attestation, will be liable to be rejected.
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Publication:The Frontier Star (Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan)
Date:Apr 25, 2013
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