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ECOSORB natural organic odor neutralizer. (From the Manufacturers).

ECOSORB Natural Organic Odor Neutralizer eliminates commercial and industrial odors. Effectively breaks down and eliminates harmful gases, including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, ethyl mercaptan and methyl mercaptan. ECOSORB is used in a variety of settings, including wastewater treatment plants and industrial facilities such as asphalt processing plants, food processing plants and composite fabrication facilities, among others. ECOSORB is typically diluted with water and sprayed into odorous areas in an atomized mist. The droplets electrostatically attract the molecules that form the odor, then capture and neutralize them, diminishing their volatility until they are reduced to their lowest possible form. ECOSORB feed systems are custom-designed for each facility. Non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use in confined areas. Odor Management, Inc., 18-3 East, Dundee Road, Suite 202, Barrington, IL 60010, USA; 800-662-6367, fax 847-304-0989.
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Date:Jul 1, 2002
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