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ECONOMY -Record high electricity consumption in Turkey in July.

ANKARA, August 09, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's electricity consumption reached a record high level in July, 2011 due to high temperatures and massive use of air conditioners.

According to figures of Energy & Natural Resources Ministry, daily electricity consumption, which was approximately 600 million kWh a day in June, increased to 715 million kWh on July 19, 722 million kWh on July 20, 724 million kWh on July 21 and 736 million kWh on July 28.

Officials said that Turkey's total electricity generation capacity was 51,300 mW, adding that 38,000-39,000 mW of this amount was ready for use.

On the day of record high consumption, July 28, Turkey generated 730.5 millon kWh of electricity and consumed 736.8 million kWh of electricity. When the consumption is higher than the generation, Turkey buys electricity from Georgia, Bulgaria and Iran.

The electricity consumption in July 2011 increased 8.1 percent when compared to July 2010.

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Publication:Anadolu (Eskisehir, Turkey)
Date:Aug 9, 2011
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