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Articles from ECN-Electronic Component News (November 1, 2007)

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1W processor meets low power requirements. 119
2 Mbit F-RAM device. 248
3U and 6U PXI chassis. 119
5,000W power converter modules. 127
60W switcher with triple outputs. 107
Actuator for electronic locks and latches. 121
Aluminum instrument cases. 128
Application-specific temperature sensors. 107
Cellular pentaband antenna. 122
Ceramic balls for harsh environments. 122
Chip resistor features tight tolerances. 145
Color driver for high power LEDs. 118
Compact PXI switch matrix systems. 112
Compact stopper blocks and brackets. 109
Components short form catalog. 122
Consumer electronics: the end of region-specific TV designs? Mathews, Brian D. 1259
COTS controllers for LCDs in harsh environments. 120
Data communications: dial-up modems still ring a bell. Titus, Jon 896
DC/DC converter for low power railway applications. 137
Design system for touch sensing applications. 119
Desktop external switching power adapters. 125
Development kit for customizable ARM9-based MCUs. 116
Digital pen technology platform. 116
DSP for process intensive multichannel infrastructure, medical imaging systems. 203
Dual output, high accuracy LDO. 108
Duo embedded PC modules. 136
Electrical Display Port-to-DVI/HDMI Bridge. 105
Electroluminescent lamp drivers for backlighting applications. 124
Filter protects DC/DC converters in harsh environments. 112
Four-channel LIN transceiver. 118
Hand-portable spectrum analyzer. 129
Hands-On ZigBee: Implementing 802.15.4 with Microcontrollers. Titus, Jon 437
High flex round cable. 116
High-dielectric relay. 204
High-performance DSP/FPGA AdvancedMC module for wireless, baseband, image and signal processing. 196
High-speed signal chain advances optimize medical imaging quality, power and size. Sanna, Chuck 1003
Industrial grade UPS for harsh environments. 101
Industrial logging multimeter. 131
Integrated 30W Powered Device (PD) PWM controller for PoE plus. 108
Integrated microstepping driver and NEMA 17 hybrid motor. 254
IP controlled power strips. 125
J-Lead SMT connectors. 120
Laser diodes for print, defense and medical applications. 121
LED devices are entirely modularized. 248
LED driver boards. 138
LED driver with current regulating switch. 120
Light grids for elevator doorway monitoring. 125
Low profile PCI serial interface. 121
Medical electronics. 897
Medical electronics. 762
Meter for semiconductor parametric analysis and testing. 127
Metric threaded EMI filters in Feed-thru and Pi circuits. 167
Mezzanine connectors. 129
MICS as an enabling technology for wireless medical applications. Coombs, Tim 1032
Mil-spec toggle switches. 133
Mini-ITX motherboard features AMD CPUs and chipsets. 121
Miniature stepper motor. 119
MLC RF clad capacitors. 117
Modular and standalone USB modems. 120
Motion control stopping and holding brake. 109
Motor drivers & controllers: digital signal controllers enhance motor control in appliance designs. Zambada, Jorge 1287
Multi-axial rotational connector. 130
Multi-channel optical chip enables optical links for grid networking. 189
Multimedia platform adds FluentSoft speech recognition. 155
Non-polarized Polymer film capacitors. 130
Packaging & interconnects: signals take backplane routes. Titus, Jon 1485
PCB assemblies for high volume applications. 112
PCI Express waveform digitizer. 117
PCM-ZigBee board for wireless communications. 117
Plug-in, tunable, 10 Gbps transceiver for DWDM optical communication. 133
Problem solvers. Kalnoskas, Aimee 608
Programmable multiple output power supplies meet medical/ITE applications. 120
Programmable USB-AC Li-ion power manager for portables. 113
PTFE terminals for high temperature applications. 127
Rack mountable streaming video server. 127
Rectifiers for use in power factor correction circuits. 153
RF SoC for low power wireless applications. 144
Rodless platform includes electric actuators. 115
Safeguarding critical customer-care information in medical monitoring equipment. O'Connor, Timothy 1289
Servo drive for military and harsh environments. 134
Single board computer for embedded systems. 135
Small, smart motion sensors. 154
Software radio system in a PMC/XMC module. 120
Stackable plug-connector system increases installation flexibility. 130
Stand-alone stepper drive. 133
Subminiature surface mount fuses. 111
Super luminescent diodes. 135
Surface mount insulation piercing crimp terminal. 111
Switches & relays. 1226
Symmetrical variable frequency drive cables. 124
System supports PCMCIA technology. 113
Testing Wave 2 system profiles. 128
TFT modules with sunlight readability. 113
The Selection of High-Precision Microdrives. Titus, Jon 415
Thermocouple measurement instrument. 114
Thin film low pass filters. 135
Thin-film batteries for embedded systems. 110
Thru hole tact switch. 101
Time-to-digital converter for timing-measurement applications. 143
USB 2.0 device controller. 109
USB to RS-232/RS-485 converter. 136
VME64x PowerPC single board computer. 127
White LEDs for a variety of applications. 137
Wireless data acquisition modules. 136
Wireless networking designs for healthcare instrumentation applications. Brown, Patricia L. 1485
x86 Quad-core processor for demanding datacenters. 206

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