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EBSCO adds functionality, content.

EBSCO Publishing announced the addition of Searchable Cited References to the EBSCOhost version of CINAHL. The company also announced the addition of PsycEXTRA to EBSCOhost.

Searchable Cited References

Searchable Cited References provide a means for extending research by allowing users to locate additional information related to an article of interest. This functionality lets users link directly from a particular article to other articles cited in the bibliography of the original article. It also allows users to link directly from a particular article to other articles in the database that cite the original article.

Searchable Cited References can be used to augment more traditional approaches to literature searching; as tools to analyze research activity; to identify original publications in which an idea or concept was discussed; to compare user behavior today with user behavior several years ago; to trace the chronology of events, relationships among them, and their relative importance; to provide access to interdisciplinary literature; and to reveal papers relevant to a subject not found by using conventional indexes.

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