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EBSCO Publishing Expands Coverage of Newspaper Source, Supports Task Group.

EBSCO Publishing has announced that it is continuing to expand the collection of full-text newspapers and newswires available within Newspaper Source. EBSCO has also announced that it supports the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Policy Committee task group.

Newspaper Source

Federal Document Clearing House (FDCH) now supplies EBSCO with daily feeds including ABC Nightline News Transcripts as well as 11 international newspapers. Via FDCH, the following full-text newspapers are now available within Newspaper Source: Egypt Today, Hong Kong Standard, Jakarta Post, Nation, New Straits Times, The Independent, The News, The Star, The World Paper, The St. Petersburg Times, and The Moscow Times.

By the end of this year, EBSCO Publishing will add several other sources of news information to Newspaper Source. These newspapers and newswires, to be provided daily by Comtex, will include AP Online, AP Worldstream Newswires, Canadian Press Wire, Canadian Corporate News, Newsbytes News Service, and Asia Pulse. Currently, Newspaper Source provides selected full-text coverage from nearly 150 newspapers and newswires.

David Mangione, manager of aggregated products for EBSCO Publishing, said: "Our recent newswire-licensing effort reflects our commitment to making Newspaper Source a current resource with diverse content. We are pleased to work with all of our partners to meet this end."

Task Group

According to EBSCO, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC) Policy Committee has charged the Standing Committee on Automation's Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases to investigate and make recommendations for a useful, cost-effective, and timely means for providing records to identify full-text electronic journals acquired in aggregator databases. EBSCO is participating in this endeavor to provide "proof of concept" by implementing the recommendations into a record set that members of the group can load and test.

EBSCO Publishing is working in conjunction with the PCC Standing Committee on Automation's Task Group on Journals in Aggregator Databases to produce sets of MARC records that will represent the journals in their electronic databases. The records, which are derived from CONSER records for the corresponding print journals, are available for download from EBSCO at no charge.

According to the announcement, it is in response to the needs of today's libraries that this Task Force was initiated. A recent survey of librarians in PCC libraries suggests that a large majority want records in their catalogs to represent the full-text journals available in aggregated databases. As a leading electronic reference provider in the library industry, EBSCO Publishing supports the work of the Task Force by actively participating in the project's efforts and lending its developmental expertise. The basic idea behind the work is to develop a recommendation for a core element set for cataloging the content of aggregated databases such as EBSCO's Academic Search Elite. By also considering the needs of the vendor, the Task Force has come up with recommendations that will allow for automating the process of deriving record sets from the CONSER records to the print versions, thereby promoting the accuracy and timeliness of this information.

Oliver Pesch, chief technical officer for EBSCO Publishing, said: "We were excited about the prospect of participating in this Task Force. EBSCO has been providing MARC record sets for our full-text collections for quite some time. However, customers have been asking for guidance in the loading and maintenance of these records. This Task Force is providing that guidance. This is a major step in the right direction."
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