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* Inoac Packaging uses Eastman Chemical Company's new Elegante polymer to produce sparkling clear containers for upscale cosmetics and personal care products. Elegante polymers allow molders to easily process a broad range of container designs with the clarity of glass and resistance of plastic.

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Seaquist Closures Introduces Frost

* Frost, Seaquist Closures' newest dispensing finish, features an in. mold matte finish in virtually any color. The distinctive packaging gives bottles an upscale, contemporary appearance without the need for extra decoration steps, according to the company.

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Airspray Foam Pump Debuts

* Airspray International has introduced the Table Top Foamer, a one-touch-foam finger pump dispenser. Table Top is available in 0.8ml and 1.6ml outputs that can be used for hairstyling, conditioning, coloring, body moisturizing, massage and sun protection. The mechanical foamer allows a precise mixture of liquid and air with a single stroke, according to company executives. The angular design of the dip tube also allows complete filling.

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Cameo Tube Introduced by Tubed Products

* Tubed Products Inc. has introduced the Cameo tube, a two-inch center-dispensing Dispens-R tube that utilizes half-tone silk screening on a matte coated tube. The over. all effect is enhanced with a matte textured closure. Dispens-R tubes have a special click open and close design and are avail. able In 1.5- and two-inch diameters.

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Lerman Chooses M&H Bottle Shape

* Lerman Container Company, a division of Custom Bottle, has added the Adelphi shape from M&H Plastics to its line of bottles. Adelphi's molded curves were blow-molded for an elegant posture, wide decoration area and solid surface grip. Bottles are available in HDPE in 400ml and 250ml varieties. Both accept M&H's 21mm caps.

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Zeller Adds Smoothwall Closure

* Zeller Plastik, Libertyville, IL, has added Zelsnap butterfly-hinged dispensing closures to its line of stock closures. The 20-415 flip-tap closure complements Zeller's smoothwall closure lines. The. 125-inch orifice is sealed with the closure to prevent leaking and is ideal for travel, size products, according to company executives. A range of larger closures is also available.

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Jafra Chooses Risdon-AMS

* Jafra Cosmetics International has selected Risdon-AMS' low profile pumps for its Chosen fragrance. The product uses the 50ml eau de parfum bottle and Risdon-AMS' patented crimpless system. The actuator and collar were assembled by a 360-degree rolled-in bead to allow a snap cap for the pump component. Both the actuator and collar are finished in a soft matte color to simulate an elegant gold band.

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Pfeiffer Creates Side Acutator

* Pfeiffer of America has introduced the Side Actuation Pen, an actuator that is pressed on the side, for gels, sprays, creme and lotion. A lever mechanism transforms horizontal movement into vertical movement, actuating the pump. The system can be adapted to materials such as metal, glass, plastic and different decoration technologies. Other options include preferred nozzle (top or side) placement and refill concepts.

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