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EASTENDERS LOOK at Ben Mitchell behind the wheel, trying to look all cool like someone from the Dukes of Hazzard.

Taking an interest in mechanics and doing up an old banger for stockcar racing is the first thing he's had in common with his dad. But the thaw in relations doesn't last long when Ben stalls the car and Phil makes fun of him, insisting that Jay takes the wheel instead.

Phil may regret upsetting his son and favouring Jay when DCI Marsden comes sniffing round again, determined to nail Phil for something. The detective is not after him for the deaths of the tramp in the car lot fire or Kevin's demise in the cut and shut, but for a murder he didn't actually commit.

She reopens the investigation into the death of Stella the psycho nanny, who jumped off the roof on the day of her wedding to Phil - a perfectly understandable option to take.

Ben is quizzed about what happened leading up to Stella's death. He's not keen to remember the trauma she caused and backs up Phil's claim she jumped. But later, when Phil upsets him, he calls Marsden and says he wants to change his statement.

Bianca is furious when Morgan's dad Ray turns up but Whitney talks her round and she agrees to let him see the son he never knew he had. She also seems willing to forgive Ricky for sleeping with Mandy, though Carol - clearly upset after being abandoned again by David - tells her to kick him out.

Tamwar gets out of hospital but won't talk to his family, while Jane gets a new job - in Cardiff.

EMMERDALE ? WITH her marriage hanging by a thread, this is the worst possible time for Laurel to start feeling sick and think she might be pregnant. Especially when Ashley doubts that the baby is his.

He can't quite bring himself to believe her protestations that she didn't sleep with Marlon. She's hurt by his lack of trust, so when she takes a pregnancy test and it's negative, she announces their marriage is over and spends the night at Nicola's house.

Zak turns 60 this week but is in no mood to celebrate after all that business with Cain. But Lisa has other plans and throws a big family party, and at least Aaron manages to call a truce with Zak. And Belle is delighted when her dad invites Sean over for tea.

Plus, Amy signs Kyle's adoption papers and, unable to bear the tense atmosphere at home with Val, moves in with David.

SOAP TALK CORONATION STREET ? WE'RE gearing up for Becky's imminent departure which might, if there's any justice, be a happy one. Heading off for a carefree new life in Barbados certainly seems to fit that bill. The week starts well, for a change, for Becky when she finds proof that Tracy miscarried the day before she fell down the stairs. Then new boyfriend Danny asks her to move to the Caribbean with him. Hmm, tough decision!

Anna seems to have brought out Owen's decent side, but he loses his temper this week when he finds out Faye killed his fish and angrily slaps her. Anna is furious when she gets home and throws him out.

Sally and Kevin's divorce papers come through but her friendship with Rita and Gail is tested when they try to warn her off Frank.

Eileen is shocked to discover just how hard it is to look after Paul's wife Lesley, while Kirsty is suspended from the police force and tries to make it up with Tina.

HOME & AWA? LIAM wakes up and remembers it wasn't Heath who ran him over, but Brax and Charlie. Realising Charlie could go to prison, Bianca convinces her ex his mind is playing tricks on him.

Sasha dumps Stu when PREGNANT PAUSE: Laurel takes a test. he hits her again so he steals a car, takes her on a terrifying high-speed drive and demands she reconsider. Which is such a nice way to win her round.

HOLLYOAKS ? CALLUM vows to keep the secret that George is living in a squat, but worries when his friend falls ill. Dennis is offered a job in Mumbai but wants to stay for Leanne, while Darren decides to start secretly arranging his wedding to Nancy.

NEIGHBOURS ? KATE accuses Noah of stalking her - well, he is camped outside her house - which leads him to make a public declaration that the teacher's been taking advantage of him. He later admits he lied, though Sophie is shocked to discover her sister kissed him.

DOCTORS ? ZARA goes behind Daniel's back to discover they are having a boy. He's furious at first, which doesn't bode well for their future as parents. Plus Elaine wants Karen and Julia to try zorbing, rolling down hill in a big ball.


PREGNANT PAUSE: Laurel takes a test.
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Date:Jan 15, 2012
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