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The great value of the Flexible Shower Massage showerhead marketed by Water Pik Technologies Inc., formerly Teledyne Water Pik, based in Fort Collins, Colo., is that bathers can bend its flexible neck to suit themselves, even if their movements are limited by a sore back. The bendable showerhead also benefits different-size users in the same household. This protean characteristic of the Shower Massage is based on hollow beads made of the Celcon aceral copolymer developed by Ticona in Summit, N.J.

The showerhead's neck is a ball-and-socket arrangement, similar to those used on flashlights and industrial cooling hoses, but with more challenging performance demands. For one, the flexible neck must maintain its few thousandths of an inch tolerances, and not creep, despite being under a constant load from the 10-ounce showerhead, carrying water heated to 105[degrees]F, or even hotter in hotels, and pressurized to an average 80 pounds per square inch.

Teledyne also selected the Celcon copolymer for its creep resistance. The company molded 15 hollow beads of the material to connect the neck's ball and socket joints. These beads are designed to slide into place when someone bends the neck into shape.

In addition to maintaining tight tolerances, the beads also provide the degree of dimensional interference needed to make the neck easy to manipulate and let it hold each new shape firmly. The beads are wrapped in a polyethylene jacket for appearance, and to keep impurities out of the ball and socket junctions.

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Title Annotation:Water Pik Technologies Inc. offers flexible massage showerhead
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