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 WASHINGTON, Jan. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Although it is very traditional in design, with black engraved script and a gold Presidential seal, for the first time in history, every component included in the Inaugural Invitation package has been printed on recycled paper.
 In previous inaugurals, recycled paper has been used for the Inaugural Invitation alone. However, this year everything produced for the inauguration, including the tickets, the program and the return envelope, has been printed on recycled paper. And as many as 10 components are included in some of the invitations.
 "It is a necessity to be environmentally conscious in the 90s," says Virginia Fleischman, production manager of the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Committee. "All members of this year's committee are enthusiastic about and dedicated to environmental awareness."
 As well as "earth-friendly" paper selection, the committee was equally concerned that the printing process be environmentally sound. Total compliance with environmental regulations was a major requirement in the search for a production facility.
 When members of the committee first toured Excelsior Process and Engraving of North Adams, Mass., the selected engraving company, they learned that all the inks used at the facility are earth-friendly. Because engraving inks are water-based as opposed to solvent-based, they emit very low levels of hazardous fumes into the environment, compared to other printing methods. Engraving inks also make de-inking, an important phase in recycling, easier. To safeguard against the possible waste hazards that may occur from the pigments contained in all inks, Excelsior neutralizes all chemicals before they are discarded, a process which removes any contaminates which may leak into the sewer system.
 "Excelsior Process and Engraving impressed us with the amount of time and energy they put into meeting all EPA standards. In fact, they go beyond just complying with regulations," says Ms. Fleischman.
 In addition to reflecting the 90s environmental consciousness, the 1993 Inaugural Invitation also conveys traditional values by its simple elegance of design.
 Although there have been some exceptions, Inaugural Invitations have traditionally been engraved. Dating back to the 16th century, engraving is a process which transfers an image onto a plate by photo-etching or hand-tooling. Type and graphics are etched into a metal plate, then the recessed image is filled with very opaque ink. With pressure up to two tons per square inch, the paper is forced into the ink-filled crevices of the plate, creating a uniquely raised surface.
 The look of engraved lettering conveys the formality and seriousness of a most important occasion in this country's history. "Engraved invitations are a tie back to our nation's past," says Ms. Fleischman. "Engraving also communicates permanence, something to be kept forever."
 The 1993 Inaugural Invitation is especially elegant with a common design thread connecting all elements in the invitation package.
 "When I first came to the Inaugural Committee, we were shown invitations from past inaugurations. In most cases, the components of past invitations looked disconnected, not as if they all belonged in the same envelope," says Ms. Fleischman. "With the conscious effort on the part of the art director as well as the use of recycled paper and engraving, this year's invitation has a more cohesive look than Inaugural Invitations of the past."
 Attention to quality and detail were also major requirements in the creation process. The selected production facility had to be large enough to handle the tremendous task, and able to meet strict deadlines.
 "Excelsior demonstrated a tremendous capacity for production, and a strong commitment to the job at hand," says Ms. Fleischman.
 The project took 20 working days with 35 employees working around the clock in three shifts.
 As the invitations came off the press, each was hand checked by a team of inspectors to make sure it was of high quality. Inaugural committee members were in constant communication with Excelsior keeping tabs on the work flow, acting as expediters, and tracking all elements to assure there were no mistakes.
 "This job was different from other jobs we've worked on for clients because of the tremendous deadline pressure," says Ed Czarnecki, vice president of Excelsior Process and Engraving. "Additionally, there were very exacting requirements, and we had to react quickly to many changes made along the way, including changes in text, quantities, shipping destinations, and priority of components."
 The tremendous effort of the project is evident in the finished piece which conveys prestige and integrity and professionalism.
 "It was a fascinating process. We produced more in a shorter time that I thought possible and had fun doing it," says Ms. Fleischman.
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 /NOTE TO EDITORS: Photo of invitation available on request./
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