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Licensed retaining wall systems include the precast Forix and Gravix profiles for department of transportation, rail, industrial, commercial and residential markets. A triangular section in the stem, cast perpendicular to the retaining wall face, allows the weight of the backfill to bear on the units, thereby transferring downward pressure and resulting in a stabilizing effect.

Forix is competitive due especially to its efficient use of concrete mass. Its patented mold technology, incorporating multiple mobile casting platforms, increases daily unit output. Gravix takes the same innovative geometry to the next level as an accepted DOT or heavy rail wall system; its traffic barrier version became the first precast structure to pass the MASH TL-4 impact test and receive a Federal Highway Administration nod.--Earth Wall Products LLC, 678/5943451;

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Caption: Shown in Traffic Barrier (plant and site) and Standard Units, the Gravis series suits transportation and rail sites. Stem depths vary according to wall height and load.

Caption: Engineered for lighter duty than Gravix, the Forix series blocks have rear legs with triangular geometry. Rubber textured liners yield Bouldercrest or Natural Stone Stacked styles.

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Publication:Concrete Products
Date:Sep 1, 2018
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