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E16/Rv2 King~s Road- Tjernberg road, preparatory work.

Announcement of competition: E16/Rv2 King~s Road- Tjernberg road, preparatory work

This contract work is a preliminary part of the main contract, which it in turn will be built permanent solutions. This contract includes removal of cables and wires, foundation and installation of a temporary bridge over~s Enga and railways, foundations and installation of a temporary bridge over Noret and accompanying detour routes, temporary noise abatement of local buildings, and other necessary ancillary measures so that traffic can be moved before construction of permanent solutions start in the next stage. Demolition of two existing bridges.

Scope of quantity or scope: Removal of Noise 100 lm

Vegetation Clearing 5500 m2

Soil Masses in line 2400 m3

Soil to landfill in 1300 m3

Blasted rock from borrow pit to fill in the line 2300 m3

Planum on land 4900 m2

Planum on the blasted rock 3000 m2

Demolition of asphalt cover 2100 m2

Cutting of asphalt cover 240 m

Milling of asphalt cover 60 m2

Excavation for foundations 3700 m3

Concrete Levelling of soils 257 m2

Concrete B35 SV-40 188 m3

Reinforcement rebar B 500 NC 19.9 tonnes

Enga~s interimsveg 410 lm

Vingersnoret interimsveg 280 lm

Enga~s interimsbru 109 lm

Protective Screen for railroad 70 lm

Vingersnoret interimsbru 49 lm

Enhancement Board, 20/120 3100 m3

Base course, 0/32 630 m3

Gravel, 0/16 60 m3

Base course, Ag 16 230 m3

Wearing course, AGB 11 5300 m2

Estimated value excluding VAT: 26500000 sufficient

Language to be used in the formulation of tenders or requests to participate: Other: Norwegian

File reference number attributed by the contracting authority: 066160

Deadline for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 26.08.2014 - 12:00

Opening tenders: 26.08.2014 - 12:00

Duration: planned start date 22 09 2014 scheduled completion date 20 03 2015

The contract is composed of sub-contracts: no

Award Criteria: Lowest price

Qualifications: Requirements for the offeror~s organizational and legal position

Tender documents : T22627742.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Geographic Code:8PAPU
Date:Jun 16, 2014
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