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NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- In what could be determined as the future of e-mail, instant messaging, and proxy browsing, Secure Status LLC has just released According to Jim Porter, IT Director for Secure Status, "we offer businesses and individuals an encrypted, secure platform for communicating with customers and clients, without spam, sniffer packets, phishing, spoofing, and all the other junk that fills up America's e-mail boxes everyday." Given the fact that companies and individual users alike have their confidential communication compromised daily, this service is long overdue. Secure Status looks to have distinguished themselves as having taken a leap ahead in secure communication.

SSNet's Patent Pending base solution offers a messaging and an instant messaging system, secured over 256 bit SSL. In addition, all communications between users are stored on servers as encrypted files and archived for the users' future reference. The data file encryption is such that if a server was ever compromised or stolen, the data would be useless and unreadable to the criminal. "We do meet or exceed many industry and governmental regulatory requirements when it comes to secure communications and file storage," according to Jerry Sprague, Account Executive.

Sprague states: "We offer what people really need. Security. SSNet users have the ability to store important files and documents, share those files, and also send documents as attachments over a closed relay system. Our platform functions between users within a company; and more importantly; our cross server platform allows communication between company A and company B, as well as between web based users and corporate server based users. As long as a user gives permission to be contacted to another SSNet user, they can communicate freely."

"We all have come to realize that companies with their offerings of free e-mail, messaging, and other products, a user's e-mail box is filled with advertising relating to subject lines in e-mails, or even key words that their crawlers pick up from the e-mail content," stated Porter. "They have way too much user information, for which the user never gives permission, just for the sake of selling more advertising."
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 20, 2006
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