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E-jamboree Wish for Golcar scout group.

Byline: ANNE-MARIE SENIOR News Reporter

THE deadline to register for this year's Wish campaign is tomorrow. Places are restricted to no more than 150 organisations and the deadline to join is 5pm tomorrow. To take part organisations must be not-for-profit and based within the Huddersfield Examiner circulation area. All those accepted for registration are then sure to share a slice of the PS25,000 up for grabs. All they have to do is collect tokens that will appear in the paper from October 1 until November 30. So sign up quickly now at THEY'RE the biggest scout group in the Colne Valley.

Now, 4th Golcar Scout members are maKing linKs with Germany and Africa - THANKs to new technology.

The group - which has more than 200 members - is hoping this year's Examiner Wish Campaign can help them develop their online jamboree initiative.

The annual event sees scouts sleeping overnight at its Manor Road base to maKe linKs with scout groups all over the world.

Assistant cub scout leader Stuart Tolson said: "It's great for the Kids because they get a cultural exchange and we manage to create linKs all over the world.

"We get about 60 to 80 Kids coming to these events and in the past have had to borrow laptops and PCs.

"We really want to build up our media and IT equipment and once we've got the equipment, we could hold smaller events more often."

Last year, the jamboree saw them talKing to 600 scouts in 83 different countries.

They were even joined by some of the German scouts on this year's annual camp.

The group, which meets several times a weeK at its dedicated centre, also benefited from last year's Examiner Wish Campaign.

The money raised helped the scout group buy more tents to enable its growing number of young members to enjoy the outdoors.

"We'll certainly be sending out fliers, text messages and using social media to encourage our families to get collecting for us again this year," added Stuart.

"We have even more members this year and anything we can do to get people helping us raise money without directly asKing them for cash is fantastic."

Further details about the group can be found at

Registration is only open for the new Wish campaign until tomorrow.

To be in with a chance of receiving a share of the PS25,000 fund, register at


COMMUNICATION: The 4th Golcar Scout Group is hoping to invest in IT equipment thanks to this year's Wish campaign (S)
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Sep 17, 2013
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