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E-business in 80 countries under Electronic Commerce project.

Less than a year after the ITU signed a partnership agreement with Geneva-based World Trade Centres and WISeKey, deployment of e-business infrastructure has started in more than 80 countries, funded by a US $2.5 million in-kind contribution made by WISeKey to a Trust Fund set up as part of the Electronic Commerce for Developing Countries (EC-DC) project of the ITU. The project aims at enabling developing countries to use existing infrastructures and services to join the digital economy through non exclusive partnerships with the industry. The project is implementing secure e-business solutions and services in developing countries, providing an easy start-up solution to entrepreneurs. In a digital economy, these solutions and services are required to enable the exchange of mission-criticat business transactions to be conducted in real time and across multiple market sites with other buyers and suppliers for financial transactions, procurement, asset management and other trading resources. Under the EC-DC project, participating countries can benefit from first-class security, trust and services for e-business transactions under affordable conditions by pooling and sharing available resources. Using the World Trade Centre network's global infrastructure of 328 centres in more than 100 countries and WISeKey certification services, countries Lacking secure trusted infrastructures, digital certification and electronic payment facilities can leapfrog the obstacle by using those of other project participants. For many developing countries, this represents the only cost-effective way to access e-commerce. In addition to the potential economic benefits, the project is creating an environment to stimulate investments and development of the ICT infrastructure. To speed up implementation, the support of several leading mutti-nationa[ IT companies is being enlisted. These include companies such as Oracle, Baltimore Technologies ltd, Entegrity Solutions, Rainbow Technologies, Datamatics, NCP, ValiCert, MCI WorldCom, Vitress AG and Ceto Communications.

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Date:Aug 1, 2000
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