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E-business: Virus software isn't coping.

Anti-virus software is actually costing UK companies millions of pounds in virus downtime, it is claimed.

E-mail security specialist MessageLabs says that 'traditional' anti-virus software still lets viruses through to one in ten users. Two years after the LoveBug virus first appeared, mass mailing viruses like SirCam and Goner still causing havoc around the world.

MessageLabs says UK Business is paying out for ineffectual anti-virus software that just can't cope with the virus threats of today and is suffering the consequences. Research suggests that despite anti-virus software being used by 95 per cent of businesses e-mail viruses are costing UK business millions of pounds each year.

A virus infection will cost a small business pounds 26,291 in lost productivity (assuming that the server is down for ten hours), pounds 351 in help desk calls, pounds 1,753 in user downtime and pounds 876 in cleaning their system. That is a total of pounds 29,271. For the medium sized company costs rise considerably, to a total of pounds 585,410.
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Title Annotation:Business
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 30, 2002
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