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E-books, e-zines and other adventures in Internet publishing.

E-books first made their appearance in sci-fi flicks. Now, with Riding The Bullet, a novella issued exclusively as an e-book, Stephen King's attempt to level the playing field is opening doors for electronic publishing. Writers worldwide are being hipped to the possibility of opening a publishing arena not yet completely stroked by major publishers.

But will readers actually trek to the outer limits supporting e-book authors, many of whom are literally unknown? Angela Adair-Hoy thinks so. This successful e-book author and owner of, an electronic book publisher, believes that with a website and an e-mail account, "aspiring authors can successfully e-publish their own work without the help of a traditional publisher." With her own e-books generating over $5,000 each month, this e-publishing wonder is clearly someone in the know. "E-authors must first acquire a following," says Adair-Hoy. "The most successful marketing vehicle is an e-zine or an e-serial that delivers information to subscribers on a regular basis." She herself publishes, an electronic magazine with listings of freelance job opportunities, and The Write Markets Report, a monthly e-mag for freelance writers and journalists. Because both e-zines offer quality content and tout information on her own e-book's availability, she maintains a steady sales stream and her following is rooted on the Internet.

Adair-Hoy is not alone. Michael Baisden, the self-professed bad boy of literature, leverages the power of the Internet to put out an electronic newsletter with detailed information on his upcoming events, tour dates, videotapes and seminars. Simon & Schuster will republish his third book, The Maintenance Man, in paperback--proof of his marketing success.

These authors are hot and they know it. They've perfected marketing strategies that keep them in touch with their audience and on top of the charts. Sure, aspiring authors may face a small struggle prying open e-book doors. But these authors show how an Internet following can help techsavvy self-publishers net a king's ransom and generate e-book success.

Traditional publishers now embrace e-publishing with a contemplative eye. Though hand-held reading devices linger in an embryonic stage, books are now available for readers on the go with Palm Pilots and pocket PCs. Authors and publishers are rushing to jump on the bandwagon, and they are bringing a throng of readers online with them. "This new wave of technology has completely altered the future of publishing" confirms Adair-Hoy, "and now there is no turning back."
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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