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E-Tech Announces $150, 56Kbps Data/Voice/Fax Modem with Voice, Full Duplex and ASVD -- New Golden Bullet is Video Phone Ready with DSVD Option.

FREMONT, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 19, 1997--E-Tech Research, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of telecommunication and data communication products, today announced the Golden Bullet PC56 RVP -- a high-speed and value packed 56Kbps internal data/fax/voice modem.

The Golden Bullet uses Rockwell's K56Flex modem technology which features voice capabilities, full-duplex speaker phone, Analog Simultaneous Voice & Data (ASVD) support with DSVD option, flash upgrades, and Windows 95 plug-n-play compatibility. It will also include a headset for hands-free operation, and is V.80 videoconferencing ready. Suggested retail price of the new modem will be $150. It will begin shipping this week through resellers, Value-Added Resellers, and direct.

The new 56K Golden Bullet fax/modem features high-speed 14,400bps fax and data throughput speeds up to 115,200bps.

Users are assured of compatibility and data accuracy for downloading e-mail, graphics, sound and video streams with the line's support of V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression and V.42 compliant error correction over conventional phone lines. All models are also downward compatible with standard modems and fax machines.

E-Tech bundles its new 56K modem with Windows 95 drivers and SuperVoice communications software, which allows users to receive voice, fax, and data transmissions. The Golden Bullet also supports the AT Command Set to ensure compatibility with all popular communications programs.

Other standard features include memory for up to four phone numbers, pager notification, built-in diagnostic testing, call progress display and a phone cord for connecting to a standard RJ-11 phone jack.

Company Background

E-Tech Research, Inc. was founded in 1987. The company manufactures and markets a full-line of fax/modems and ISDN equipment. It employs more than 300 employees at its worldwide corporate headquarters in Taiwan and US headquarters in Fremont, California. E-Tech is an independent and privately-held data communications and telecommunications affiliate of UMAX, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of computer and communication technology with sales of over $2 billion. E-Tech has been ISO 9001 certified to ensure end users/resellers that it meets high standards for quality in engineering design.

For more information contact: E-Tech Research, Inc., 47400 Seabridge Dr., Fremont, California 94538, 510-438-6700 phone, 510-438-6701 fax, or visit the web site at .

CONTACT: Hill/LF Communications

Chad Hill, 510/945-7910

Len Fernandes, 510/538-8916


E-Tech Research, Inc.

Ben Chan, 510/438-6700
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 19, 1997
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