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E-Stamp Corp.

Get postage off the Internet instead of at the post office: E-Stamp[R] makes mailing easy

Now there's a way to download postage off the Internet and print it out from your own PC. It saves the trouble of constantly running to the post office--as well as allowing you to print postage at the same time you address your letter or package.

E-Stamp makes postage convenient

E-Stamp is a leading provider of this new service. E-Stamp[R] Internet postage is like having a post office on your desktop, 24 hours a day. All you need is a PC, a printer, and an Internet connection. And once you purchase the postage, you can print it any time you need it.

Store your postage in the "micro vault"

What makes E-Stamp different is its patented Micro Vault technology. The Micro Vault plugs into the back of your computer, and it stores the postage you purchase. The advantage is that you don't have to wait for Internet dial-up, or be forced to connect to a provider's server every time you want to print a stamp.

The Micro Vault also makes E-Stamp more secure than other services. Since your postage is stored at your PC, you don't have to upload your private addresses to a remote server, which other Internet postage services require.

More efficient and more professional

While you print out the address for letters and packages, E-Stamp[R] Internet postage automatically adds a U.S. Postal Service-approved digital stamp. It gives your shipments a more professional look and moves them faster through the postal system because it allows mail to skip several lengthy steps in the sorting process. It also makes it easier to print exact postage for all your letters and packages, including first class, priority, and express mail--as well as parcel post.

After all, how many times have you put extra postage on a letter or a package because you didn't have a small denomination stamp? So not only is it more efficient than using stamps, but it can also save you money. Not to mention saving you the hassle of having to run out and buy more stamps.

Print postage directly from applications you already use

E-Stamp[R] Internet postage was designed to work the way you do--with the most popular business applications, like Microsoft Word and Outlook, as well as Intuit QuickBooks. It allows you to print postage right from within the applications you use everyday.

No monthly fee and big yearly savings

Unlike postage meters or other online postage providers, E-Stamp doesn't charge a monthly fee. You only pay a small fee (5-10 percent) depending on the amount of postage you purchase. And since you can print postage on your existing laser or inkjet printer, there is no special ink or supplies to buy.
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