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E-LOAN Provides Financing for ZAP Vehicles.

Electric vehicle manufacturer ZAP recently announced that online consumer direct lender E-LOAN has begun offering consumer financing for ZAP products.

ZAP officials said they hope readily available loans for their vehicles will make them more attractive to car-buyers and help boost sales, particularly of the new SMART Car.

"By working with E-LOAN, we're able to make these automobiles a cost-effective alternative for consumers from financing to the gas pump," said ZAP chief executive officer Steve Schneider. "We believe that making these vehicles easier to purchase will help advance the cause of a more energy-efficient automotive fleet for the U.S."

Contact: Alex Campbell, ZAP, phone 707-525-8658, e-mail

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Publication:Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Today
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Date:Dec 16, 2004
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