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E-Investigations Manual Released.

As cybercrime becomes more widespread and complex, investigating it becomes more difficult as well. A new manual from the National Coalition for the Prevention of Economic Crime (CPEC) will make that task a little easier.

"Using the Internet for Investigations and Research" explains how the Internet and the World Wide Web can be used both for communications and as a crime investigation tool. Readers can peruse sections on security, investigative techniques, and common Internet crimes, as well as a comprehensive glossary of terms.

Allan Trosclair, executive director of the CPEC, says the manual was designed for those new to the Internet. "The goal was to make it usable for entry-level people involved in investigating activities using the Internet," he says. It was created in collaboration with the National White Collar Crime Center.

Jason Moulton, security director for the Seattle division of Safeway Food Stores, says that he found the manual useful when he taught an educational training session for law enforcement and private sector loss prevention officers. "The manual takes some of the computer terms that are used in the industry and converts them into a language that the rest of us can understand," he says.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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