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E-HAWK Vetting Service Identifies and Stops Bad Actors at the Door.

Enables Community Blocking of Spam, Phishers, and Bots

SARITOGA SPRINGS, N.Y., Oct. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- E-HAWK offers real time risk-analysis that allows Internet and Email Service Providers to vet new customers. It could end the age of spam email.C?C?

Every day 260 million malicious emails are sent by spammers clogging up the inboxes of email users worldwide. These emails, whether sent by marketers or fraudsters, are a constant annoyance to all internet users not to mention a grave security risk.C?C?

It's not only consumers that suffer as these online attacks blacken the reputation of many email services. Spammers often hijack email accounts, servers, and systems and use them to send spam, causing harm to the reputation of a service provider IP address or network and can cause mail from legitimate customers to be blocked.

These activities cost ISP's and ESP's billions of dollars every year in security measures and damage repair. It's estimated that phishing and spoofing email attacks are costing service providers $3.6 billion annually!

The colossal cost of repairing the damage caused by fraudsters requires an urgent solution. The E-HAWK security package for ISP/ESP firms is the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution to date, already protecting the platforms utilised by over 2 million senders.

E-HAWK enables SaaS based providers to vet potential clients in real time and be provided an immediate risk analysis and reputation score.

A variety of tests are performed on all the user data provided to E-HAWK by the participating ESPs and EDM providers, with each algorithmic check running the data against E-HAWK's proprietary database. This ensures vendors are able to quickly identify whether the user poses a risk to the service.

The database is constantly updated by the community, vetting activity, and a variety of online sources. To date over half a million vets have been processed and new reports come in 24/7, in this way companies are able to leverage pooled bad actor intelligence.

New fraud trends and spam networks can be quickly identified, thus stopping bad actors from being able to inflict damage at multiple organizations.

The ease with which online marketers and criminals are able to send spam emails using automated accounts is significantly decreased when the E-HAWK real time vetting engine is utilised within a platform.

The anti-spam application is only one facet of the E-HAWK platform, additionally E-HAWK provides profiling of user activity that mitigates to a large extent the opportunity for account hijacks ensuring a much lower success rate.

This approach ensures clients are in a position to instil customer confidence whilst significantly lowering the security costs for email service providers.

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Date:Oct 10, 2013
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