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Genetic study in a family with dopa-responsive dystonia revealed a novel mutation in sepiapterin reductase gene. Tawfiq Froukh Report Dec 31, 2019 1054
Successful Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation Treatment in a Case of Generalized Dystonia due to a Novel ANO3 Mutation. Lasky, Lizl; Bliss, Lindsay; Sidiropoulos, Christos Dec 1, 2019 1236
Rising Production Scale Motivates Cervical Dystonia Treatment Market Growth in the Coming Years duri. Sep 12, 2019 1051
Debilitating disorder dystonia is so rare. Sep 4, 2019 288
Cervical Dystonia Treatment Market Size, Share and Consumption Analysis Report 2028. Jul 31, 2019 874
European Neurostimulation Market Analysis to 2024 - Focus on Parkinson's Disease, Epilepsy, Depression, Dystonia, Pain Management, and Other Applications. Jul 29, 2019 891
Psychiatric and Behavioral Complications of GPi DBS in an Adolescent with Myoclonus Dystonia. Kriegel, Graciela; Stuckey, Melanie I. Jun 1, 2019 1658
Alterations of Interhemispheric Functional Connectivity and Degree Centrality in Cervical Dystonia: A Resting-State fMRI Study. Jiang, Wenyan; Lei, Yiwu; Wei, Jing; Yang, Lu; Wei, Shubao; Yin, Qiong; Luo, Shuguang; Guo, Wenbin Report May 1, 2019 7838
Haloperidol-Induced Dystonia due to Sedation for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy: A Pediatric Case Report. Yaginuma, Kazufumi; Watanabe, Masahiro; Miyazaki, Kyohei; Ono, Atsushi; Murai, Hiromichi; Nodera, Ma Apr 1, 2019 2315
Revance Begins Dosing in Phase 3 Trial of Injectable RT002 for the Treatment of Cervical Dystonia. Clinical report Jun 27, 2018 219
Musicians' Health and Focal Dystonia. Thakurdas, Amy May 1, 2018 3094
Effect of botulinum toxin A and task-specific training on upper limb function in post-stroke focal dystonia. Apr 30, 2018 3654
"The Twisted Mind" - Psychogenic Dystonia in An Adolescent, Responding to Antidepressant Therapy. Chatterjee, Seshadri Sekhar; Das, Soumitra; Gupta, Sukanya; Bhattacharya, Sanhita Case study Apr 1, 2018 949
Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Diagnosed in a Patient with Idiopathic Cervical Dystonia. Coban, Kubra; Kansu, Leyla; Aydin, Erdinc Report Mar 1, 2018 1689
Management of Psychosis in a Patient with Probable Dopa-Responsive Dystonia. Wang, Maggie; Sison, Joseph I. Jan 1, 2018 2259
Spatial Integration of Somatosensory Inputs during Sensory-Motor Plasticity Phenomena Is Normal in Focal Hand Dystonia. Terranova, C.; Rizzo, V.; Morgante, F.; Maggio, R.; Calamuneri, A.; Chillemi, G.; Girlanda, P.; Quar Jan 1, 2018 4846
Testing rTMS-Induced Neuroplasticity: A Single Case Study of Focal Hand Dystonia. Betti, Sonia; Spoto, Andrea; Castiello, Umberto; Sartori, Luisa Case study Jan 1, 2018 8053
Revance Secures Orphan Drug Designation of RT002 for the Treatment of Cervical Dystonia. Nov 22, 2017 259
The case. Jones, Kyle Bradford; Allred, Juliann; Shprecher, David Case study Apr 1, 2017 1723
Does the Somatosensory Temporal Discrimination Threshold Change over Time in Focal Dystonia? Conte, Antonella; Ferrazzano, Gina; Belvisi, Daniele; Manzo, Nicoletta; Suppa, Antonio; Fabbrini, Gi Report Jan 1, 2017 3818
Pathogenic Variant in ACTB, p.Arg183Trp, Causes Juvenile-Onset Dystonia, Hearing Loss, and Developmental Delay without Midline Malformation. Conboy, Erin; Vairo, Filippo; Waggoner, Darrel; Ober, Carole; Das, Soma; Dhamija, Radhika; Klee, Eri Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 2066
Management of Oromandibular Dystonia: A Case Report and Literature Update. Gn, Suma; Nag, Adrita Jan 1, 2017 3032
Improvement and Neuroplasticity after Combined Rehabilitation to Forced Grasping. Arima, Michiko; Ogata, Atsuko; Kawahira, Kazumi; Shimodozono, Megumi Case study Jan 1, 2017 3908
Acute Cervical Dystonia Induced by Clebopride. Choi, Jin Kyo; Hong, Jin Yong Jan 1, 2017 1305
Multimodal Imaging in a Patient with Hemidystonia Responsive to GPi Deep Brain Stimulation. Sidiropoulos, Christos; Bowyer, Susan M.; Zillgitt, Andrew; LeWitt, Peter A.; Bagher-Ebadian, Hassan Clinical report Jan 1, 2017 1996
Dystonia patients battle to get NHS treatment. Aug 30, 2016 544
Sonographic Alteration of Basal Ganglia in Different Forms of Primary Focal Dystonia: A Cross-sectional Study. Zhang, Ying; Zhang, Ying-Chun; Sheng, Yu-Jing; Chen, Xiao-Fang; Wang, Cai-Shan; Ma, Qi; Chen, Han-Bi Report Aug 1, 2016 3057
Internal Pallidum and Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation for Oromandibular Dystonia. Zhao, Xue-Min; Zhang, Jian-Guo; Meng, Fan-Gang Report Jul 5, 2016 1076
Dystonia - Pipeline Review, H2 2015 - New Study Released. Report Jan 18, 2016 484
Association analysis of NALCN polymorphisms rs1338041 and rs61973742 in a Chinese population with isolated cervical dystonia. Zhou, Qingqing; Yang, Jing; Cao, Bei; Chen, Yongping; Wei, Qianqian; Ou, Ruwei; Song, Wei; Zhao, Bi; Report Jan 1, 2016 2905
Botulinum toxin injection for laryngeal dystonias in singers. Meenan, Kirsten; Jaworek, Aaron; Sataloff, Robert T. Jan 1, 2016 5304
New market study, "Dystonia Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2015", has been published. May 25, 2015 417
Addex Therapeutics collaborates with Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. Jan 21, 2015 163
Addex Therapeutics collaborates with Dystonia Medical Research Foundation. Jan 21, 2015 159
Clinical characteristics and response to long-term botulinum toxin type A therapy in patients with cervical dystonia at a neurology clinic/Bir noroloji klinigindeki servikal distonili hastalarin klinik ozellikleri ve uzun sureli botulinum toksin tip A tedavisine yaniti. Sen, Aysu; Soysal, Aysun; Arpaci, Baki Report Dec 1, 2014 5083
The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research collaborates with The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation. Sep 19, 2014 183
The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research collaborates with The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia and Parkinson Foundation. Sep 19, 2014 179
Paroxysmal dystonia as the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis with internal capsular plaque/Multipl sklerozda ilk belirti olarak internal kapsuler plaga bagli paroksismal distoni. Uca, Ali Ulvi; Altas, Mustafa Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2014 684
Disease distribution manner of people's body without mutation in DYT1 gene of dystonia disease in Iran. Rahnavard, Sahereh; Hamid, Mohamad; Zand, Zahra Report Jul 23, 2014 2892
A lost embouchure found: a journey back from Focal Dystonia. Gulbranson, Ashley May 1, 2014 1500
Case report of refractory tardive dystonia induced by olanzapine. Sun, Zhenxiao; Wang, Xiangli Clinical report Feb 1, 2014 2198
Deep brain therapy brings relief. Oct 1, 2013 361
Cincinnati Zoo Walk Raises $10,000 for Dystonia Research. Sep 20, 2013 412
Cleveland Zoo Walk: A Chance to Continue the Fight Against Dystonia. Sep 11, 2013 457
A multidimensional scaling analysis of male body perception in men with muscle dysmorphia: "The Adonis Complex". Danilova, Deana; Diekhoff, George M.; Vandehey, Michael A. Report Jun 22, 2013 10102
Oculogyric crisis with psychotic exacerbation after amisulpiride cessation: a case report/Amisulpirid kesilmesini izleyen okulerjik krizin eslik ettigi psikotik alevlenme: olgu sunumu. Qzcan, Sevilay; Tamam, Lut; Soydan, Ayce Case study Jun 1, 2013 2254
Now Available: Dystonia Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2013. May 23, 2013 413
Acute dystonic reaction to general anesthesia with propofol and ondansetron: a graded response. Size, Matthew H.J.; Rubin, John S.; Patel, Anti Case study Jan 1, 2013 122
The mechanisms of movement control and time estimation in cervical dystonia patients. Filip, Pavel; Lungu, Ovidiu V.; Shaw, Daniel J.; Kasparek, Tomas; Bares, Martin Report Jan 1, 2013 6616
Handbook of dystonia, 2d ed. Book review Aug 1, 2012 158
Challenges. Lloyd, Frank May 1, 2012 707
Deep brain stimulation; a new life for people with Parkinson's, dystonia and essential tremor. Book review Apr 1, 2012 156
Botox offers option for oromandibular dystonia. McNamara, Damian Mar 1, 2012 555
Medical and scientific issues music performance anxiety. Iltis, Peter Feb 1, 2012 2729
Two cases of oromandibular dystonia referred as temporomandibular joint disorder. Viswanath, A.; Gordon, S.M. Jan 1, 2012 2140
"All in his head" Dx leaves boy limping for more than a year. Susman, Jeffrey L. Case study Sep 1, 2011 314
Medical and scientific issues embouchure dystonia: hope for the future? Iltis, Peter W. May 1, 2011 3963
Treatment of cervical dystonia with botulinum toxin/ Servikal distonilerin botulinum toksini ile tedavisi. Kutukcu, Yasar Report Dec 1, 2010 2495
Botulinum toxin treatment and oromandibular dystonia/ Botulinum toksini tedavisi ve oromandibuler diskinezi. Akbostanci, M. Cenk; Yilmaz, Rezzak Report Dec 1, 2010 2638
Extremity and truncal dystonias: botulinum toxin applications/Ekstremite ve govde distonileri; botulinum toksini uygulamalari. Adatepe, Nurten Uzun Report Dec 1, 2010 5475
Bilateral temporomandibular joint dislocation associated with use of anti-psychotic drug/Antipsikotik kullanimina bagli bilateral temporomandibuler eklem dislokasyonu. Annagur, Bilge Burcak; Tamam, Lut Report Dec 1, 2010 1193
Illness forces Jo to stand on one leg; WHAT IS DYSTONIA? Aug 5, 2010 109
Living well with dystonia; a patient guide. Book review Jun 1, 2010 128
Hypnosis and Spasmodic Torticollis--Report of Four Cases: A Brief Communication. Hartman, David Abstract Mar 22, 2010 211
Clinical and electrophysiological investigations of changes in muscle activation patterns before and after botulinum toxin injections for idiopathic cervical dystonia/Idyopatik servikal distonili hastalarda botulinum toksini uygulanmasindan once ve sonra kas aktivasyon paterninde gorulen degisimlerin incelenmesi. Kocaman, Gulsen; Baslo, Mehmet Baris; Hanagasi, Hasmet; Parman, Yesim Gulsen Report Jun 1, 2009 3327
DBS: uncharted territory--a nurse's perspective. Serdans, Beka Feb 1, 2009 3038
DBS effective in early-onset form of dystonia. Wendling, Patrice Dec 1, 2008 353
Novel management of propofol induced dystonia in the post anaesthesia care unit. Steele, R.G.; Ajayoglu, B. Feb 1, 2007 433
Reflections. Serdans, Beka Aug 1, 2005 1258
New & Approved: NIOX nitric oxide test system; Activa dystonia therapy system. (Rx). Mechcatie, Elizabeth Jun 15, 2003 671
Botulinum Toxin Type B Approved by FDA. DEMOTT, KATHRYN Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 595
Diagnosis of dopa-responsive dystonia and other tetrahydrobiopterin disorders by the study of biopterin metabolism in fibroblasts. Bonafe, Luisa; Thony, Beat; Leimbacher, Walter; Kierat, Lucja; Blau, Nenad Report Mar 1, 2001 6854
AGAINST ALL ODDS. Howard, Indra Sep 1, 1999 1124
Dystonic-like reaction following cisapride therapy. Bucci, Kathryn K.; Haverstick, Dale E.; Abercrombie, Stoney A. Jan 1, 1995 1728
Writer's cramp: literally in your head. Ezzell, Carol Brief Article Nov 23, 1991 240
The dystonias. Pamphlet Jul 1, 1991 2160
Toxin to the rescue: tapping a deadly botulinum protein to treat neuromuscular disorders. Chen, Ingfei Jan 19, 1991 1409

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