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Dynetek Supplies Hydrogen Storage for CNE FC Demo.

Dynetek Industries, Ltd. recently announced that two of its hydrogen storage systems will be demonstrated at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) in Toronto, Ontario, which is scheduled to begin later this week, with one being used in Hydrogenics Corporation's HySTAT fuel cell (FC) stationary generator/hydrogen refueler and the other in Deere and Company's technology demonstrator FC-powered commercial work vehicle (CWV).

According to Dynetek, the 50-kilowatt HySTAT will "demonstrate 'peak shaving' by supplying power to the National Trade Center during peak consumption periods," while the Deere CWV will "be on the exhibition grounds to demonstrate how [FC] technology can deliver substantial benefits by providing quiet, zero-emissions power to vehicles."

"Dynetek is honored to play a role with Hydrogenics and John Deere for this demonstration project at the CNE," said Dynetek president and CEO Robb Thompson. "This is an excellent opportunity to raise the awareness of the Canadian public regarding the realities of hydrogen storage and [FC] technology."

Contact: Robb Thompson, Dynetek, phone 403-720-0262, website

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Publication:Fuel Cells Today
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Date:Aug 12, 2003
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