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Dynasthetics vapor-clean filters.

JACKSON Allison has released a new line from US manufacturer Dynasthetics -Vapor-Clean filters.

The new filters are for use with patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia (MH) and patients, undiagnosed, who present with MH symptoms during anaesthesia.

Newer anesthesia gas machines contain plastic and elastomeric components that absorb volatile anesthetics and then release residual vapor during subsequent anesthetic procedures.

Anesthesia gas machine require high O2 flows and a lengthy time period to remove most of the vapour before the machine can be used for a patient who cannot tolerate breathing even trace amounts of volatile anesthetic vapour.

Current guidelines are for a 60 minute O2 flush at 10 litres/minute due to the multiple plastic components that absorb volatile anaesthetic vapours.

The Vapor-Clean filters absorb the trace amounts of anesthetic vapor (isoflurane, sevoflurane and desflurane) so that anesthetic vapors do not reach the patient. Placement of the Vapor-Clean filter canisters on the anesthesia machine allows the machine to be vapour-free (less than five parts per million of vapour) in 90 seconds.

After one hour, replace the Vapor-Clean filters with a new pair. For more information, contact Jackson Allison Medical & Surgical Ltd

(JAMS) customer service desk--Freephone: 0800 333 103; Email:; Websites: or

Or contact your closest Jackson Allison representative: Errol Mallard 021 663 561--Northland to Waikato; Andy Williams 021 459 260--Bay of Plenty to Wellington; Bridget Brownrigg 021 980 087--South Island.


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