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Chasing a Giant. Martin, Jonathan E. Interview May 1, 2021 1537
Evaluating Climate Models: The ARM Data-Oriented Metrics and Diagnostics Toolkit. Apr 1, 2021 1939
Jose Martinez-Claros: Ph.D. candidate, New Mexico Tech. Interview Mar 1, 2021 185
Eulerian Weather, Lagrangian Lives. Stewart, Alan E. Feb 1, 2021 1250
'Disastrous' rain hammering southern, central Taiwan. May 22, 2020 433
Fractional Theoretical Model for Gravity Waves and Squall Line in Complex Atmospheric Motion. Chen, Liguo; Yang, Liangui Apr 30, 2020 6614
Positive Definite Advection Transport Algorithm for Conservation Law Equations on Nonuniform Irregular Grids. Yuan, Xinpeng; Xiong, Chunguang Apr 30, 2020 5713
Similarity Requirements for Mixed Convective Boundary Layer Flow over Vertical Curvilinear Porous Surfaces with Heat Generation/Absorption. Maleque, Kh. Abdul Mar 31, 2020 4263
Synergy Effects of the Indian Summer Monsoon and the Tibetan Plateau Heating on Summer Rainfall over North China. Zhao, Siwen; Zhang, Jie; Lv, Zhihong Mar 31, 2020 9526
Anomalous Circulation Patterns in Association with Summertime Regional Daily Precipitation Extremes over Northeast China. Chen, Chuanlei; Guan, Zhaoyong; Jiao, Min; Hu, Pengyu Nov 30, 2019 5130
SpaceX Declined To Move Starlink In Collision Course With Satellite. Sep 4, 2019 474
USING WORKED EXAMPLES TO IMPROVE STUDENT UNDERSTANDING OF ATMOSPHERIC DYNAMICS: The worked examples pedagogy guides students through assessments of real-world examples of weather phenomena to demonstrate and improve understanding of key atmospheric dynamics concepts. Davenport, Casey E. Sep 1, 2019 6664
Researchers develop statistical model to predict floods. Jul 17, 2019 238
Lidar instruments to advance climate understanding. Jul 1, 2019 615
Analysis of a Late-Autumn Rainstorm in the Sichuan Basin on the Eastern Side of the Tibetan Plateau. Chen, Yongren; Li, Yueqing May 31, 2019 10212
A Method Based on Lorenz Disturbance and Variational Mode Decomposition for Wind Speed Prediction. Zhang, Yagang; Gao, Shuang; Ban, Minghui; Sun, Yi Report May 1, 2019 5795
Spatiotemporal Distribution Characteristics of Mesoscale Convective Systems Producing Short-Duration Heavy Rainfall over the Tianshan Mountain Area. Li, Jiangang; Yang, Lianmei; Liu, Wen; Jiang, Cailian Apr 30, 2019 5369
SURFACE LATE REPORTS. Table Dec 1, 2018 562
UPPER AIR. Table Dec 1, 2018 2062
UPPER AIR. Table Nov 1, 2018 3079
UPPER AIR LATE REPORTS. Report Nov 1, 2018 110
RECONSTRUCTING 2017 HURRICANE SURFACE WINDS USING A NEW ASYMMETRIC PARAMETRIC MODEL. Uhlhorn, Eric W.; Tolwinski-Ward, S.; Clavner, M.; Lorsolo, S.; Sousounis, P. Oct 1, 2018 597
Climate change will worsen storms. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2018 334
WHEN DURING THEIR LIFE CYCLE ARE EXTRATROPICAL CYCLONES ATTENDED BY FRONTS? Schemm, Sebastian; Sprenger, Michael; Wernli, Heini Report Jan 1, 2018 10285
Climatology and Teleconnections of Mesoscale Convective Systems in an Andean Basin in Southern Ecuador: The Case of the Paute Basin. Campozano, Lenin; Trachte, Katja; Celleri, Rolando; Samaniego, Esteban; Bendix, Joerg; Albuja, Crist Jan 1, 2018 7310
An Analysis of the Physical Characteristics of the Summer Low Atmosphere in the Gobi Desert Adjacent to Bosten Lake, Xinjiang, China. Li, Yan; Sun, Xuejin; Ning, Hui; Qin, Hongcai; Zhao, Jiuquan Jan 1, 2018 5039
The Performance of a Scale-Aware Nonlocal PBL Scheme for the Subkilometer Simulation of a Deep CBL over the Taklimakan Desert. Xu, Hongxiong; Wang, Yinjun; Wang, Minzhong Jan 1, 2018 6911
Characteristic Features of the Evolution of a Meiyu Frontal Rainstorm with Doppler Radar Data Assimilation. Li, Hongli; Hu, Yang; Zhou, Zhimin; Peng, Juxiang; Xu, Xiangde Jan 1, 2018 8718
Comparison of 3DVar and EnSRF Data Assimilation Using Radar Observations for the Analysis and Prediction of an MCS. Gao, Shibo; Min, Jinzhong Jan 1, 2018 6614
Research on Time-Space Fractional Model for Gravity Waves in Baroclinic Atmosphere. Ren, Yanwei; Dong, Huanhe; Meng, Xinzhu; Yang, Hongwei Jan 1, 2018 6815
Atmospheric Dynamics Leading to West European Summer Hot Temperatures Since 1851. Alvarez-Castro, M. Carmen; Faranda, Davide; Yiou, Pascal Jan 1, 2018 5146
Three-Dimensional Coupled NLS Equations for Envelope Gravity Solitary Waves in Baroclinic Atmosphere and Modulational Instability. Zhao, Baojun; Wang, Ruyun; Yang, Hongwei Jan 1, 2018 4654
DRIVERS AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSES TO THE CHANGING ANNUAL SNOW CYCLE OF NORTHERN ALASKA: On the North Slope of Alaska, earlier spring snowmelt and later onset of autumn snow accumulation are tied to atmospheric dynamics and sea ice conditions resulting in environmental responses. Cox, Christopher J.; Stone, Robert S.; Douglas, David C.; Stanitski, Diane M.; Divoky, George J.; Du Dec 1, 2017 12378
STUDENT AWARDS. Nov 1, 2017 265
ESA's Jupiter Mission Enters Construction Phase. Mar 17, 2017 555
Antarctic ice shelf movement found to trigger atmospheric waves. Feb 1, 2017 381
Dynamical Modulation of Wintertime Synoptic-Scale Cyclone Activity over the Japan Sea due to Changbai Mountain in the Korean Peninsula. Shimizu, Hiroyuki; Kawamura, Ryuichi; Kawano, Tetsuya; Iizuka, Satoshi Report Jan 1, 2017 6321
Multiscale Dynamics of the February 11-12, 2010, Deep South US Snowstorm Event. Taylor, Stephany M.; Kaplan, Michael L.; Lin, Yuh-Lang Report Jan 1, 2017 9553
Composition and Thermal Structure of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere in a Penetrating Mesoscale Convective Complex Determined by Satellite Observations and Model Simulations. Shi, Chunhua; Cai, Wenyi; Guo, Dong Report Jan 1, 2017 4129
Influence of the Anomalous Patterns of the Mascarene and Australian Highs on Precipitation during the Prerainy Season in South China. Han, Xue; Wei, Fengying; Chen, Xingrong Report Jan 1, 2017 7627
Relation between the Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Impact Factors under Severe Surface Thermal Conditions. Ao, Yinhuan; Li, Jiangang; Li, Zhaoguo; Lyu, Shihua; Jiang, Cailian; Wang, Minzhong Report Jan 1, 2017 7014
Fixed-Time Complex Modified Function Projective Lag Synchronization of Chaotic (Hyperchaotic) Complex Systems. Tran, Xuan-Toa; Kang, Hee-Jun Report Jan 1, 2017 4803
Weather and Climate Manipulation as an Optimal Control for Adaptive Dynamical Systems. Soldatenko, Sergei A. Report Jan 1, 2017 8171
Convergence of Extreme Value Statistics in a Two-Layer Quasi-Geostrophic Atmospheric Model. Galfi, Vera Melinda; Bodai, Tamas; Lucarini, Valerio Report Jan 1, 2017 16011
A Gyrostatic Low-Order Model for the El Nino-Southern Oscillation. Gluhovsky, Alexander Report Jan 1, 2017 2679
Contribution to the understanding of the regional field heat in regional Praia do Canto, in Vitoria (ES) by transects methodology/Contribuicao a compreensao do campo termico da regional Praia do Canto, em Vitoria (ES) pela metodologia de transectos. Correa, Wesley de Souza Campos; do Vale, Claudia Camara Dec 1, 2016 10020
Linking meteorology, turbulence, and air chemistry in the Amazon rain forest: a field campaign reveals that the Amazon rain forest produces enough chemical species to undergo oxidation and generate aerosols, which can activate into cloud condensation nuclei and potentially influence cloud formation. Fuentes, Jose D.; Chamecki, Marcelo; Santos, Rosa Maria Nascimento dos; Von Randow, Celso; Stoy, Pau Report Dec 1, 2016 7192
The North American monsoon GPS transect experiment 2013. Serra, Yolande L.; Adams, David K.; Minjarez-Sosa, Carlos; Moker, James M., Jr.; Arellano, Avelino F Report Nov 1, 2016 7206
Study confirms that more aerosols lead to heavier rainfall. Oct 1, 2016 404
Reanalyses and observations: what's the difference? Parker, Wendy S. Report Sep 1, 2016 5583
Airflow characteristics and pollution distribution around a thermal manikin--impact of specific personal and indoor environmental factors. Licina, Dusan; Tham, Kwok Wai; Melikov, Arsen; Sekhar, Chandra Report Jan 1, 2016 9466
Calendar of meetings. Calendar Jan 1, 2015 1883
When a tree falls ... Rosenfeld, Jeff Editorial Apr 1, 2014 508
The explosive layman (Australia) fire: dynamics in a fire environment. Peace, Mika Apr 1, 2014 448
Meteorology for coastal/offshore wind energy in the United States: recommendations and research needs for the next 10 years. Archer, Cristina L.; Colle, Brian A.; Monache, Luca Delle; Dvorak, Michael J.; Lundquist, Julie; Bai Apr 1, 2014 3158
Lidar-measured wind profiles: the missing link in the global observing system: doppler lidar technology has advanced to the point where wind measurements can be made with confidence from space, thus filling a major gap in the global observing system. Baker, Wayman E.; Atlas, Robert; Cardinali, Carla; Clement, Amy; Emmitt, George D.; Gentry, Bruce M. Apr 1, 2014 12279
The North American multimodel ensemble: phase-1 seasonal-to-interannual prediction; phase-2 toward developing intraseasonal prediction: the North American Multimodel Ensemble prediction experiment is described, and forecast quality and methods for accessing digital and graphical data from the model are discussed. Kirtman, Ben P.; Min, Dughong; Infanti, Johnna M.; Kinter, James L., III; Paolino, Daniel A.; Zhang, Apr 1, 2014 7540
Generalization, consistency, and unification in the parameterization problem. Yano, J.-I.; Vlad, M.; Derbyshire, S.H.; Geleyn, J.-F.; Kober, K. Conference notes Apr 1, 2014 2008
Calendar of meetings. Calendar Apr 1, 2014 1478
How sun plays part in climate change. Mar 10, 2014 481
Calendar of meetings. Calendar Mar 1, 2014 1294
Comparison of the synoptic environments conducive to eastward versus southeastward transport of Asian dust events. Tsai, Fujung; Chen, Wei-Nai Report Jan 1, 2014 6367
Reconstruction of dynamical forecasting model between western pacific subtropical high area index and its summer monsoon impact factors based on the improved self-memorization principle. Hong, Mei; Zhang, Ren; Chen, Xi; Ge, Shanshan; Bai, Chengzu; Singh, Vijay P. Report Jan 1, 2014 8628
A family tree of tropical meteorology's academic community and its proposed expansion. Hart, Robert E.; Cossuth, Joshua H. Report Dec 1, 2013 5101
Calendar of meetings. Calendar Dec 1, 2013 1663
Meetings of interest. Calendar Dec 1, 2013 117
An analysis of NASA's MERRA meteorological data to supplement observational data for calculation of climatic design conditions. Westberg, David J.; Stackhouse, Paul W., Jr.; Crawley, Drury B.; Hoell, James M.; Chandler, William Report Jul 1, 2013 5441
Evaluation of a climate modelling procedure against observed meteorological data. Qiu, Xin; Yang, Fuquan; Slusarczyk, Jason; Roth, Michael; Corbett-Hains, Hamish Report Jul 1, 2013 3920
The night sky in June & July. Mills, Brian Jun 1, 2013 1399
Caracteristicas temporales y espaciales de los patrones de precipitaciones en la sierra norte del Peru. Un estudio de caso de las transiciones de La Nina a El Nino desde 2005 a 2010. Krois, Joachim; Schulte, Achim; Pajares Vigo, Edwin; Cerdan Moreno, Carlos Jan 1, 2013 9707
Prevalence of Paramphistomosis in Relation to Meteorological Factors. Khan, Umbreen Javed; Maqbool, Azhar Report Jun 30, 2012 3182
Evaluation of meteorological parameters influence upon pollen spread in the atmosphere/Meteorologiniu parametru itakos ziedadulkiu sklaidai atmosferoje ivertinimas. Veriankaite, Laura; Sauliene, Ingrida; Bukantis, Arunas Report Mar 1, 2011 4317
The concept of the near real time atmosphere model based on the GNSS and the meteorological data from the ASG-EUPOS reference stations. Bosy, Jaroslaw; Rohm, Witold; Sierny, Jan Report Jul 1, 2010 3833
Numerical simulations of the 26 July 2005 Extreme Heavy Rainfall Event over Mumbai using the Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model. Vaid, B.H. Report May 1, 2010 5936
1 Amateur contributions to the study of the atmospheric dynamics of Jupiter and Saturn. Arditti, David Jun 1, 2009 885
The quality of meteorological observations and tropospheric delay from EPN/IGS permanent stations located in the Sudety Mountains and in the adjacent areas. Rohm, Witold; Bosy, Jaroslaw Report Oct 1, 2007 2448
Data processing of GNSS observations of the GEONAS network--effects of extreme meteorological conditions. Gracova, Milada; Mantlik, Frantisek; Schenk, Vladimir; Schenkova, Zdenka Report Oct 1, 2007 1807
Mars Watch '97 summary: cloudy but quiet. O'Meara, Stephen James Sep 1, 1997 2582
Forest damage and recovery from catastrophic wind. Everham, Edwin M., III; Brokaw, Nicholas V.L. Apr 1, 1996 26130

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