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Dynamic Information signs agreement with Japanese firm retailer.

Dynamic Information Signs Agreement With Japanese Firm Retailer

Dynamic Information Corp. and Maruzen Co., Ltd of Japan have signed an agreement that will become the basis of the first truly cooperative document delivery service between an American and a Japanese firm. Taking advantage of improved telecommunication technology, the companies will offer the first document delivery service in Japan in which the local document supply firm will actively communicate with its clients regarding the document requests sent to the US document delivery firm for fulfillment. As a result, both time and language will cease to be barriers to fast and efficient Japan-American document delivery.

"When trading across national borders, we tend to spend a good deal of time trying to understand each other," says Randall W. Marchinko, president of Dynamic Information. "As we worked with Maruzen on this agreement, it became evident that similar arrangements of this type have not seriously addressed this problem. It seemed foolish to have a "partner" in Japan and to not take advantage of it. So we have developed a system in which Maruzen staff will both translate and relay information and questions directly to our mutual clients by telephone. It's a simple and elegant solution to what has become a difficult problem in supplying documents to non-US clients."

"For instance," says Marchinko, "we receive several inaccurate requests from non-US clients every day. If we send a note written in English back with the order asking these clients to check the citation or send more information they need to find someone to translate the note, and someone to compose a response. In truth, a majority of these are never returned. The communication or language barrier has defeated the need for the documents."

"Under this new agreement with Maruzen," Marchinko continued, "Dynamic will contact Maruzen by electronic mail when a similar problem arises, and a Maruzen staff person can contact the client by telephone and relay the answer back quickly using electronic mail. This will also allow us to effectively communicate with users on rush orders, purchases and other special circumstances. And the Japanese client has someone to call when they need a status on an outstanding order, a price quote, or to coordinate a time critical rush request."

Under another unique aspect of the agreement, Dynamic will accept orders from Maruzen clients sent via all forms of communication in addition to the MASIS DIALORDER Module. "While the MASIS DIALORDER Module is the most convenient ordering method for many clients, others prefer other electornic mail systems, telefacsimile, and even the mail. We wanted, again, to design a system that is responsive to the client."

Kazuya Doi, general manager of MASIS Center, said "We are excited by the prospect of building together with Dynamic Information a truly competitive document delivery service that will not only meet clients' document needs, but will anticipate and satisfy such needs. We are confident we can build a flexible and growing working relationship with Dynamic Information that will actively respond to the diverse needs of the Japanese market."

Maruzen Co., Ltd. is the largest book retailer in Japan. It established the MASIS (Maruzen Scientific Information Service) division in 1977 as its database services division. In March 1978, MASIS began providing the Dialog system through the first private international leased-line network to be established in Japan. The center currently provides the Dialog, Questel/Darc and Utlas systems, and is responsible for marketing, user education, technical support, and publication of search aids in Japanese.

Dynamic Information is one of the largest information brokers in the United States. It offers both information consulting and document delivery services to customers worldwide. With the recent opening of its East Coast Operations Office in Bethesda, MD, the company became the first truly national US broker.

For more information, contact Dynamic Information Corp., 333 Twin Dolphin Drive, Suite 250, Redwood City, CA 94065 (Phone 415/591-5900).
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Date:Nov 1, 1988
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