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Dwarf daylily debuts this Fall.

Dwarf Daylily Debuts This Fall

A new dwarf daylily called Yellow Tinkerbell has been developed for use both as a perennial landscape border plant and a potted plant.

Its height--only 9 inches--is the result of research to further miniaturize the dwarf daylily. The most popular dwarf variety is actually quite large, reaching a flowering height of 28 inches.

The new dwarf is identical in all traits except size to one of the shortest daylilies, which is 16 inches tall.

Yellow Tinkerbell has bright yellow, 2-1/2 inch flowers on the 9-inch stems, bearing about 7 flowers per stem. It will flower in a 4-inch pot in just 8 weeks after less than 12 hours of light daily at temperatures as low as 41 [degrees] F. The new plant has survived temperatures of - 15 [degrees] F and will be available to plant nurseries this fall for propagation.
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Title Annotation:Yellow Tinkerbell plant
Author:Becker, Hank
Publication:Agricultural Research
Date:Nov 1, 1991
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