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Duterte running!

The long running saga of Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte's equivocation over his candidacy for the presidency in 2016 was finally put to rest as early as two weeks ago. I did invite PDP-Laban "presidentiable" (substitute) Martin Dino with Atty. Sal Panelo, a bosom buddy of "Digong," to my public affairs TV program (Republika, Tuesdays, 8 p.m., Channel 8 - Destiny Cable, Channel 213 - Sky Cable, Channel 1-G-Sat), and both confirmed Duterte was running.

What was the percentage of the likelihood of his presidential bid? The minimum take-off point they ascertained was 80%.

Off-camera, two obstacles kept the iron-handed executive flip-flopping in the public eye despite public acquaintance with his resolute nature.

One was the prospective and daunting financial enrollment. It was intimately disclosed that known major contributors were not exactly bank-rolling his campaign as what may have been the impression. During his initial spurts at testing the political waters, Duterte was exhausting family coffers for his national forays, while friends and supporters were significantly helping "in kind." The so-called heavy hitters were tentative but being smart, waiting for his final decision, with December 10 as the final day set by Comelec, before any cash change hands. As of this writing and with Digong's recent announcement in Cavite of his candidacy "being on the table," financial commitments have already been made for "Day One."

The second reason, a primary hindrance to Duterte's running, was his introspective anxiety over the expected "favors" attached to the necessity for a huge campaign kitty. Practical politics requires several billions of pesos to wage a credible and effective effort for the presidency. Where and how to source this without being subjected to the expected compromises from the usual investors?

Close friends admonished he would be unlike other contenders since he is a "known factor," with a reputation that stands out with his no nonsense, and "straight shooting" executive abilities. But Duterte was enlightened, it will be "big business" rolling the dice in an election campaign, taking the risk, supporting or donating endowments for his campaign but with a caveat. The candidate worried over the expected "return on investment" by funders, after the candidate-elect assumes office at the Pasig. This was what convinced him.

PERSONAL: Condolences to Ferdie Pasion for the passing of her beloved mother, Ma. Nilda Ayano Pasion, 74, of Candijay Bohol.


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Date:Nov 25, 2015
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