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Dutch man caught stealing Olympic mascots.

A Dutch man was investigated after stealing PyeongChang Olympic souvenirs, including mascot dolls, at Incheon International Airport, police said Wednesday.

The 53-year-old, whose identity is being withheld, admitted that he stole souvenirs worth 109,000 won ($100) a six dolls and a hooded T-shirt a from a souvenir shop at around 10:05 p.m. on Monday, according to police.

The man, who came to Korea to watch the Olympics, said he wanted to give the souvenirs to his daughter. He was on his way home that day.

According to police, he said he wanted to pay for the souvenirs, but that the store was closed. Airport security guards saw him taking the goods and took him to police.

Police said they later released the man.

"The owner got all the stolen items back and did not want him to be punished," a police spokesman said.

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Publication:The Korea Times News (Seoul, Korea)
Date:Feb 21, 2018
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