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Dutch author back for update.

Well-known Dutch travel books author Ada Rosman Kleinjan is back in the country to gather information to update her first 'In Namibia Africa 'travel book. Rosman Kleinjan is on her third trip to Namibia for the purpose of updating her Namibian travel book but has visited the country six times previously.

Earlier this year Rosman Kleinjan decided to fit in another visit before year end to see if there are a lot of changes in traveling through Namibia since the last time she was here in 2011. Her last book 'In Namibia' combined two trips, the first trip of 1999 and the trip she had in 2011. In 1999, Ada and her husband Jan took a camping trip through southern Africa after which, in the spring of 2000, the travel book 'Elephants Crossing' was published. In 2009, this travel book was republished under the title 'In Namibia', and in August 2011 there was a completely revised and expanded edition.

Her new travelogue is a beautiful reprint of 'Elephants Crossing', her first travel book about Namibia. This travel book is a thorough overhaul with new colour pictures, and an additional chapter in which the final journey taken by Rosman Kleinjan is written about. She said although the content of her new book is not the same as before it is extensive and the familiar title 'In Namibia' remained. "The hardest part of writing a book is to get it without mistakes, writing is not difficult, but writing without mistakes, that's very difficult. It is very interesting to write about your country. In Holland a lot of people like to travel to Namibia and I hope that people will love to read my books so they are better prepared when they do tour Namibia" she said. She also said her books are very nice for people who don't travel but are interested in Namibia. This time she traveled to Etosha, Opuwo, Epupa Falls, Sesfontein, Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. The author just finished her book about Ethiopia and said it is doing very well. Rosman Kleinjan said her best books are the ones she has written about Namibia. "I have written three books about Namibia and I have sold over 4000 copies of the three titles altogether. That is a lot considering Dutch is a small language". Rosman-Kleinjan's books have received rave reviews over the years; praising her ability to tell "colourful and lively" stories. She has also been praised for her "easy to read and enthusiastically written" reports.

Caption: Well-known Dutch travel books author, Ada Rosman Kleinjan, with one of her Namibian travel books originating from her previous visits to the country.




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Date:Dec 13, 2013
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