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Dust recovery hood.

A new dust recovery hood for vibrating fluid bed dryers and coolers features a proprietary design that allows on-spec particles entrained in the airstream to be captured and gently returned into the process for recovery as finished product. Engineered with an expanding, tapered profile that reduces the airflow velocity as the process air rises, the unit cuts the volume of product lost as waste, boosts the ratio of finished product at discharge per unit of input and supports dust control efforts while reducing the size of the unit required to achieve tile desired temperature and moisture content. Undersized fine particles entrained in the airstream that need not be recovered for recycling may be collected using a dust collector. Developed for drying foods, the system is manufactured from stainless steel for food product contact.

The Witte Company, inc.

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT REVIEW
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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