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Dust compliance worries.

A specialist dust extraction firm in the UK has seen a rise in enquiries from London based construction companies expressing concern about a lack of compliance with HSE guidelines and looking for guidance surrounding recent air quality requirements revealed by the Mayor.

Following a concerted awareness campaign by the HSE about dust control requirements, and with an additional announcement from the Mayor of London on the introduction of mandatory Supplementary Planning Guidance, which aims to reduce the impact of construction and demolition dust, dust extraction specialist Dustcontrol UK, has seen a surge in enquiries from London based construction companies looking for information on the best control measures to implement in order to meet the required air quality standards.

James Miller, Dustcontrol UK's general manager, commented, 'The HSE has worked hard recently to try and broaden awareness of dust control regulations. On top of this, the Mayor of London has recently released details that outline the plan to reduce air pollution and combat dust issues in the capital. This appears to have caused many construction firms to wake up to dust related problems. The side effects of dust inhalation are potentially very serious and it's certainly a good thing that decision makers in the construction and demolition industries are becoming more aware of the need to implement measures that help to reduce its impact, not just for site workers but also on the wider community."

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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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