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Dust bags: FAQS.

Can I get 1-micron filtration? You can achieve filtration down to 1 micron with the correct fabric and surface treatment and the correct air to cloth ratio for a particular application. For wood dust we generally recommend polyester felt with a singed finish.

Why does my bag need to b& oversized? The purpose of an oversized bag is to achieve the proper air to cloth ratio. Most manufacturers of single stage units include the bottom bag into their calculation for air to cloth ratio. But once the bottom bag fills up that surface area is no longer capable of filtering.

Why should I have a 'non-breathing' bag? We recommend a non-breathing collection bag to ensure there is enough fabric area to keep the collector running efficiently even when the bottom bag is full.

Is my dust collector undersized for my shop? Many users have found that they didn't need a larger dust collector, but simply more efficient dust bags. If your bags blow up like a balloon, then you need new ones for the collector to run as efficiently as possible.

Source: American Fabric Filter Co, For information visit or call (800) 367-3591

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