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Durst transmission geared for low-speed applications. (Powertrain).

Durst, a division of Regal-Beloit Corp. based in Shopiere, Wis., has announced the availability of one- and two-speed Velvet Drive automatic transmissions targeted primarily at the aircraft ground support equipment marketplace. These electronically controlled transmissions are dimensionally interchangeable with the Ford C6 transmission for low-speed applications, the company said.

"The single-speed version of this transmission is generating a lot of interest in the aircraft ground support equipment business, including installations in smaller tow tractors and belt loaders," said John Phillips, manager of sales and marketing for Durst. "This new transmission offers an attractive alternative to the remanufactured products typically used in these applications. Currently we have both cargo and passenger airline customers with the product either in production or on test."

The Velvet Drive is a torque converter driven transmission featuring a heavy-duty Borg-Warner designed 11 in. torque converter with available stall torque ratios of 2:1 and 2.8:1. The transmission is based on the venerable T72 series transmissions, which have seen duty in backhoe loader applications. The transmission's cast iron housings translate into increased strength and additional traction weight. Dry weight is 275 lb. A detachable bell housing allows for use of bell housings from alternative gasoline and diesel engines.

The gears and shafts are made of case-hardened and tempered high tensile SAE 8620 steel and the all-helical gearing means quiet operation, according to Phillips. The output shaft coupling is designed to suit a Dana 1410 series cardan shaft. The transmission also allows the use of a modified Morse MA gear selector.

Maximum power input to the transmission is up to 115 hp, with a maximum input speed of 3000 rpm. The unit utilizes a 12 V electrical control system. The electronics allow for several control features to be incorporated. The transmission will only engage if the vehicle is stationary and it will not engage in forward or reverse if the accelerator is pressed. Options include an engine restart engagement delay and a parking brake interlock that prevents engagement until the parking brake is released.

"The airlines often have driver control/safety issues with ground support equipment and this transmission incorporates a number of engagement features that address these issues," Phillips said. "We're also moving toward packages with rear axles."

Oil immersed multi-plate clutches allow for smooth engagement and the removable oil pan features a drain plug and internal strainer. The unit also features an easily serviced externally mounted weatherproof hydraulic solenoid valve.

Production of the Velvet Drive industrial transmission products was recently moved from its former location in New Bedford, Mass., to the Durst Division of Regal-Beloit in Shopiere.



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Author:McNeely, Mark
Publication:Diesel Progress North American Edition
Date:Mar 1, 2003
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