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Durst announces 'CyberFellow' program for students.

The Durst Organization has announced the formation of "The Durst CyberFellow Internship Program," which will select nine high school juniors for hands-on participation in the development and construction of the landmark NY CyberCenter at West 57th Street.

The 18-month program offers a unique learning experience to talented high school students who are interested in real estate, architecture, construction, business and technology, as they will be directly involved in the construction of this high-tech facility.

"Learning doesn't begin and end in a classroom, no matter how good the classroom experience may be," said Douglas Durst, president of The Durst Organization. "We can't think of a better learning experience for high school students than allowing them to participate in a project that represents the technology, real estate and employment opportunities of the new millennium."

Winning applicants will be placed at one of seven companies, including The Durst Organization, which represent the development, "design and build" team for this major project. The NY CyberCenter is the first multi-use, advanced technology center to be built from the ground up in New York City. The facility will occupy the entire square block bound by West 57th and 58th Streets between 11th and 12th Avenues. It will include a carrier hotel (a building that houses broadband switching equipment), commercial space, and other facilities that are specifically designed for companies that utilize the full spectrum of broadband applications.

Durst added that the program would use CYBER as an acronym for Community, Youth, Business, Education, and Real Estate.

Each participant will earn a stipend for ten hours per week of work during the school year and 30 hours per week during the summers of 2000 and 2001, plus a stipend for office and construction site apparel. This will be funded by The Durst Organization. Participants will also receive a $2,500 bonus funded by the company at which they are placed after successful completion of the program, which will coincide with high school graduation. In total, the program will provide more than $100,000 in stipends, goods and services to New York City students.

"This is a remarkable partnership in that seven leading New York City companies will be working intensively with students in disciplines that represent the future of both business and technology," said New York City Schools Chancellor Harold Levy. "CyberFellows is exactly the kind of partnership with organizations that I want to replicate across the city so that other companies follow suit and take an active interest in supporting the public school system."

The program will accept applicants from nine High Schools on Manhattan's West Side. These include Martin Luther King, Jr. High School on Amsterdam Avenue, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School on West 46th Street, Park West High School on West 50th Street, Environmental Studies High School on West 56th Street, Louis D. Brandeis High School on West 84th Street, High School for Graphic Communications Arts on West 49th Street, Beacon School on West 61st Street, Coalition School for Social Change on West 58th Street and Landmark School on West 58th Street. More than 12,000 students are enrolled in these schools.

"The NYCyberCenter brings technology-based business to our neighborhood," said New York City Council Member Ronnie Eldridge, who represents Council District 6, where the NY CyberCenter and a number of participating schools are located. "It also brings this important and exciting learning experience to our students. West Siders always strive to be ahead and this project gives us the opportunity to demonstrate a new way developers can benefit the City."

"These internships represent a wonderful way for The Durst Organization to serve our community and, for the nine juniors selected, a remarkable learning path and invaluable experience as they move through the eighteen month process of an actual development," added New York City Council Member Christine C. Quinn, who represents Council District 3, where participating schools are also located. "This program sets a high standard, and I hope that more businesses follow the Durst's strong lead in offering innovative internship opportunities for young people."

Applicants for the program will be selected by the CyberFellow Steering Committee, which includes representatives of The Durst Organization and the companies that will work with the interns.

Choices will be based on academic achievement, school and personal recommendations and interest combined with aptitude in technology and business, among other criteria. Interns will be expected to maintain at least a "B" average while they participate in the program.
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