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Durometer test kit. (Literature: instruments).

The MS-1 Multi-Scale durometer test kit is introduced in this one-page, color bulletin. The test kit is used by technicians who must perform hardness tests on various types of nonmetallic materials. The Multi-Scale base kit consists of a Rex A scale durometer and the choice of one or more color-coded barrel adapters for B, C, D, DO, O or OO scales. Changing scales is said to be accomplished by unscrewing one barrel and replacing it with another. No supplementary calibration or adjustments are necessary, according to the literature. A test block, calibrated to the selected scale, is also included. The block is said to allow the user to perform quick functional checks on the instrument. The indicator and barrels are calibrated to the ASTM-D2240 standard for durometer hardness testers. (Rex Gauge, 1250 Busch Pkwy., Buffalo Grove, IL 60089)

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