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Durometer stand.

The ConstaLoader durometer stand is said to maximize durometer repeatability and eliminate user error. When making ASTM Type A, B or O hardness measurements, this stand should be an integral part of a quality system, according to the manufacturer. A 1 kg mass is centered above the durometer as recommended by ASTM D2240. The Model 472 ConstaLoader features an oil-less air dashpot which is said to give a smooth, controlled descent for making the most accurate readings with the company's ASTM Type A, B or O durometers. The stand is also compatible with durometers of other manufacture. The ConstaLoader has an adjustable table that can be locked in place to allow proper contact between test sample and durometer. (PTC Instruments)

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Title Annotation:PTC Instruments
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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