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Duralar Gets Provider for Coating Services.

Duralar Technologies contracted Coating Technologies Inc. (CTI) to provide the for-mer's hard-coating services.

Duralar's ArmorLube coatings are created from a proprietary carbon-based formula, with carbon providing a natural graphitic lubricity, often eliminating the need for oils or greases, the company reported. The company also offers several other specialized hard coatings aimed at reducing wear, protecting against corrosion or erosion, as a replacement for hard chrome, providing a decorative finish and other specifically engineered qualities.

Duralar sells its proprietary coating systems to product manufacturers and also to commercial metal finishing operations --such as CTI.

In addition to Duralar coatings, CTI provides a range of surface finishing services: electroless nickel/PTFE composite coating (NP3), electroless nickel coatings, black oxide coatings, phosphate coatings, passivation, abrasive blasting, commercial painting and dry-film lube.

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Publication:E&MJ - Engineering & Mining Journal
Date:Dec 1, 2017
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