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Durability is Excel's signature.

Tom and Tim DeVivo were among the earliest customers of Excel Manufacturing, and the brothers have only become bigger fans since purchasing one of the company's high-volume Signature series balers.

The duo, principals of Willimantic Waste Paper Co. Inc., Willimantic, Conn., praise the reliability, durability and flexibility of Excel's balers, as well as the commitment to quality and service demonstrated by Excel's people.

"They've put together a great team," Tom DeVivo says of Excel. Adds his brother Tim, "They're a young company that makes a quality product, and they've got some real top-notch personnel."

Tim says the company's quality and service standards are set at the top with Excel president Bryan Fisher. "He's very personable, knows the product and knows the industry we're in," he remarks."

PUTTING IN THE TIME. Willimantic now owns four Excel balers, the most recently purchased being a two-ram Signature Series baler. The company is loyal to Excel in part because the balers have proved their sturdiness and reliability.

"We're constantly using these machines," Tim says of the four Excel balers owned by Willimantic. "When you're running 10 or 12 hours per day, you need machines that are going to start up and then not give you problems all day. You want to be able to run then and not work on them."

The company operates its new Signature Series baler and a smaller single-ram EX60 model at its main facility in Willimantic. The company also runs an EX62 at a facility in Groton, Conn., and another EX60 at a recycling facility located on the South Pacific island of Palau that Willimantic manages.

The machines bale a variety of materials on a schedule that the DeVivos confess does not leave any room for downtime. "The facility in Groton does commingled plastic bottles and metal cans, and has held up magnificently over the years," Tim remarks.

The Christmas holiday season saw a flurry of activity at the main facility in Willimantic, according to Tom. "I can tell you that in December and early January, without exception, we have run 24 hours a day six days a week since Thanksgiving. My maintenance people finally had to interrupt the work crews to do some maintenance. All day long, that Signature Series baler hasn't broken down to give them time to work."

When Tom and Tim's brother began the recycling operation in Palau, the DeVivos did not hesitate to choose an Excel baler. "I know all their machines are reliable. That's why we put that one in the South pacific. There is no quick way to get parts for a machine, and certainly not affordably," Tom comments. "We needed a reliable baler, and we went with Excel."

THE NEXT STEP. The Signature Series baler installed at Willimantic's main facility was among the first of the models made by Excel, a reason that might cause some recyclers to hesitate. "If it was any company beside Excel, we might have been reluctant to be the ones trying out a new model," says Tom.

Both DeVivos agree the two-ram, high-volume Signature has been better than advertised. "It has exceeded that I thought it would do," says Tom. "We truly don't have any problems with contaminated bales. Each company tells you its machine is automatic--well, this one really is. It's independent and will keep making bales."

ALWAYS IN TOUCH. Starting with the installation process, the DeVivos say Excel has been unmatched at providing service. "What happens when you call their 1-800 number for service is fantastic," says Tom. "The service person who knows your baler best may be on another job or at an airport on the other side of the country, but they can forward you directly to that person." A computer link to Excel for technical advice is also available.

Tom says he has enjoyed having Excel play a key role in the company's growth. "You can buy a car that will get you back and forth, or you can buy a Cadillac, which can get you back and forth and give you a smooth ride. I would say Excel has been that Cadillac, and they've been there for us for every minute of this ride."
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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