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Dunny's Hairdryer; UEFA have to stop fans being fleeced.


QUALIFYING for the Champions League has earned Valencia a minimum of [euro]15.25million (PS13.7m).

For every group-stage win, they will receive an extra PS2.4m.

And they are still ripping off Manchester United supporters.

Last season, Valencia's fellow La Liga club Sevilla charged United fans a minimum of PS89 to watch the first leg of their last-16 clash.

United responded by charging visiting Sevilla fans the same for the return leg - and refunding PS35 to their fans who travelled to Spain.

Now, for a bog-standard group stage game against United, Valencia are selling away tickets for PS76.

Old Trafford has yet to respond - but another unseemly stand-off could be avoided.

UEFA should instruct member clubs to have a maximum price on tickets for visiting supporters.

Why not the PS30 cap that has been in place in the Premier League for a couple of seasons? If it felt the need to, UEFA could always subsidise it, as one of the world's richest sporting organisations.

It made a PS760m profit on the 2016 European Championships.

There is enough money swilling around UEFA, and its Champions League clubs, without hard-working supporters being fleeced.

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUSP
Date:Sep 9, 2018
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