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Dunk-It Gun Cleaner.

Dunk-Kit is the greatest thing that's happened to my gun-cleaning procedure since the invention of Sweets 7.62 bore cleaner. Here you have a magical solvent that is as close to drip-and-dry cleaning as it will ever get.

Invented by famed pistolsmith Bill Laughridge of the Cylinder & Slide Shop, Dunk-Kit has been on the market for years. But I only recently discovered it.

The exact formulation is a secret, but the fact that Laughridge once owned a carburetor business on the side gives me some reason to suspect that the origin of this miraculous liquid lies somewhere in the automotive industry.

I don't know what it is, but I know what it does; it cuts crud and powder fouling like no tomorrow. I shot over 500 rounds of lead reloads through a Les Baer Premiere II 1911, which thoroughly fouled the bore and gunked up the rails with powder residue. Those lead rounds made a nice mess of a good gun.

I field stripped the pistol into its components -- slide, frame, barrel and spring -- and dunked them one at a time in Dunk-Kit. I then swished the parts vigorously and broke loose virtually all the gunk. The frame came out gleaming like a newly waxed Corvette. The slide looked equally spotless.

Immersing the barrel in Dunk-Kit and scrubbing it with a bronze brush did the trick on lead build-up, which was more than noticeable in the first inch of the barrel. While not entirely free of elbow grease, the barrel cleaning in the Dunk-Kit solution took considerably less effort than the usual brush-and-solvent method.

Dunk-Kit is sold by mail order directly from Cylinder & Slide Shop for $32.95 (3/4 gallon), $49.95 (1 3/4 gallon) and $94.95 (4 gallon), including shipping.
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Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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