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Duncan at conference; Fastnews.

A Stirling district farmer is to speak at a Soil Association conference next month about grassland management. Duncan McEwen of Arnprior Farm will attend the Soil Association Scotland's Future Farming Conference in Dundee on July 12 Mr McEwen has seen great results from introducing red clover and rotational grazing on his farm.

He said: "Paying attention to what the soil needs, addressing compaction, liming and more liming, reseeding - that's the key to it really. "Last year was the first year I didn't have a proper crop of red clover and I noticed how the growth rate in the lambs was affected.

"I can get 350 grams a day when they're on it - last year I was lucky to have half that."

Volunteering Matters Scotland is calling on ForthValley residents to help them secure a PS50,000 grant. Nationwide customers can vote by going to

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Article Type:Conference news
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 29, 2018
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