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Duncan, David James. The river why.

DUNCAN, David James. The river why. Read by Dick Hill. 13 cds. 15.5 hrs. Blackstone Audiobooks. 1983/2006. 0-7861-6883-5. $99.00.Vinyl; plot notes. SA *

Gus Orviston's parents have nothing but fishing on their brains. Gus caught his first fish at the age of four and now, in his 20s, he has bought a cabin on the Oregon coast so he can fish 24/7. After living in a cabin with no electricity and fishing 16 hours a day for a month, Gus gets drunk and begins to ask the big questions, like WHY am I killing all these innocent fish. He begins to notice pollution and ecological depredation of the forests. Gus comes to see that his fishing is the same as loggers clear-cutting timber. Duncan's novel is humorous, romantic, philosophical, quirky, introspective, literate, and occasionally obscene. Narrator Hill gives the novel a exceptional full-voiced presentation. Dad is a pompous Brit, Mom sounds like Mammy Yokum, and brother Bill Bob has a precocious kid lisp. Eccentric characters abound, like Great Grandmother Celestial Darling Carper, who likes bourbon and so is looped and happy much of the time. Gus's neighbors include hippies, a pack of wild children, and a singing mouse. Hill's narration makes the novel, told by Gus, sound like a radio play. Janet Julian, English Teacher (retired), Grafton, MA

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Author:Julian, Janet
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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