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Dun's Marketing Services releases Million Dollar Disc 3.2.

Dun's Marketing Services Releases Million Dollar Disc 3.2

Dun's Marketing Services (DMS), a company of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, has unveiled Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2, an updated version of Duns Million Dollar Disc. Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 not only incorporates several important enhancements into this groundbreaking product, but includes 35,000 more companies than were previously available.

Derived from Dun's Marketing Services' proprietary database of more than nine million company records, Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 reaches beyond the information currently found in the Million Dollar Directory Series and the Reference Book of Corporate Managements. By instituting new criteria for selection of data, Dun's has expanded its coverage in this CD-ROM product to include approximately 230,000 records --thereby further broadening the view it offers to the researcher of American business.

Updated quarterly, the disc encompasses business headquarters or single company locations which report $2.5 million or more in sales; employ 250 or more individuals at the headquarters location; or, have a tangible net worth of over $500,000. In addition, business background information on more than 450,000 senior executives who run these companies is available on the disc.

Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 is a source for locating facts on hard to reach private companies. Data elements include: corporate name and trade name, private or public status with "ticker symbol" and trading exchange for public companies, year started and state of incorporation. Up to six company SIC Codes are listed for easy industry classification, detailed geographical information is supplied, as is import and export status, annual sales volume and employee counts. Because the system is so flexible, a user may combine any or all of these data elements to customize a search. Company officers are identified and are searchable without the company name.

Features exclusive to the 3.2 version which agument existing capabilities:

Custom Report Writer allows for a deeper level of manipulating output for specific applications. With it, a user may generate customized list and columnar reports that include only those fields of most interest. This new feature allows the user to define specific report settings such as companies per page, lines per page and line spacing. In addition to creating new report formats, users can also edit or reuse previously defined report formats.

Public Family Indicator denotes that a company is a member of a publicly traded company, but is not the trading location.

User Defined File Names leaves naming of individual reports that are saved up to the user.

Search Criteria Review allows a user to review the search criteria that has, up until then, been specified, as he/she continues to develop searches. This feature appears in the format of a Detailed Search.

CD-ROM Installation cuts a user's start-up time. All software is resident on the Duns Million Dollar Disc CD-ROM, which means that no floppy discs are required.

Alpha SMSA Look-up aids those especially interested in regional information, or for homing in on a particular city and surrounding area. A user can specify Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA) by typing the initial letters of the SMSA name of his choice, rather than having to know the SMSA number. This makes finding focused information a much more intuitive process.

Among the accepted enhancements to previous releases of Duns Million Dollar Disc which have been retained on the 3.2 version are:

A Browse feature time saver which allows the user to get immediate feedback when retrieving records.

Sort feature allows the selected data to be recorded using primary and second sort criteria.

Integrated Client Timer allows the user to accurately record the time spent using Duns Million Dollar Disc. This feature is especially valuable for those firms which require precise documentation of time spent on behalf of clients.

SIC Selectors provide highly flexible search options. The user may enter specific 4-digit SIC Codes or SIC ranges. In addition, the key word look-ups help identify the appropriate SIC to select.

Sales Ranges/Employee Size Ranges Selectors permit the user to quickly select from a menu of preset ranges or create a custom range to fulfill any search requirement.

Like its predecessor, Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 offers all of the advantages of computer-aided information retrieval such as extremely speedy, detailed and accurate research. The disc offers the utilities of Boolean logic--"and/or" searches, field selectors and nearly unlimited search refinement capabilities. In-depth market research, sales prospecting, personnel searches and mergers & acquisitions studies are only a handful of the applications possible with this valuable tool. Menu driven searches ensure that this product will suit either the novice or experienced information searcher.

Built-in flexibility means that information may be transferred to and used with a number of popular PC software packages. Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 is fully compatible with InfoTrac workstations. Duns Million Dollar Disc 3.2 is available now.
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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