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Dumped after I refused to pay PS9k for my lover's facelift; Heartbroken Stanley sues his ex to claim back gifts LOVE ON THE ROCKS ROMANCE LATE IN LIFE LEAVES STANLEY SKINT I'm 70 and easily conned. If a flashy woman gives you what you want you're daft aren't you? It was a never-ending ATM trip .. I was smitten into the but.

Byline: charlie gall

A SMITTEN Scots film-maker claims his 71-year-old fiancee dumped him because he wouldn't give her PS9000 for a facelift and eye treatment.

Spurned Stanley Mazur said he felt cheated when glamorous Astrid van Harn refused to hand back TURN TO PAGE 4 FROM PAGE ONE the sports car he'd bought and PS3673 he showered on her.

Now Stanley, 70, is seething after taking his four-times wed former beauty consultant lover to court - only to lose the battle to recoup the money he spent.

The break-up landed the pair in front of a sheriff, fighting a two-day civil action.

Stanley accused his ex of being a "gold digger" - despite at first considering her a good catch.

They met in June last year through dating website Plenty of Fish and within weeks, Stanley had put an engagement ring on Astrid's finger.

But by October they had parted after he refused to splash any more cash on her. He said: "It was a neverending ATM trip."

As I the " Stanley claimed Astrid threw him out when he wouldn't fork out PS9000 for specialist facial resculpting and laser eye treatment

was door like stanley And after the split, he vowed to claw back the cost of a Volkswagen Eos convertible and money he had spent on her during their whirlwind relationship.

In a hearing at Aberdeen Civil Court before Sheriff Jack Brown, Glasgow-born Stanley was seeking either the car back or PS5000, plus PS3673 in cash.

But the sheriff ruled that it was a gift and that he shouldn't get any cash back.

Astrid, of Banchory, Aberdeenshire, contested the case claiming the car was a gift part paid for by the PS1000 trade-in on her car, and that any other money Stanley spent went on housekeeping during their time together.

Stanley described Astrid as "fit as a fiddle" and amazing for her age. He said: "I'm 70 and easily conned. If a flashy woman gives you what you want, you're daft aren't you?" In court, Stanley insisted the car had been bought for a joint venture involving a business that mazur opportunity in Malaga.

He said: "Although were engaged and she broke it off, she's insisting she can keep the car.

"But the car wasn't bought just because I buy cars for women - it was bought because we were getting married and were going off to live in Spain.

"We were going to use the car to drive down to Spain. I spent PS7500. She put her old car in which gave us a trade-in of PS1000.

"But then she broke off the engagement because I wouldn't give her PS9000 to have her eyes lensed and her face resculpted.

"She threw me out and gave me the ring back, which was only PS150 because she picked it. She chose a Princess Diana copy ring.

"The proof was in all the credit card statements, receipts and stuff. She doesn't deny any of it."

But in her evidence, Astrid said Stanley "steam-rollered" her into the engagement.

She said: "I was looking for friendship and companionship.

He was very funny, flamboyant, had long hair and a stetson hat.

"Do not forget I am lonely and vulnerable and he is quite a forceful person."

Astrid denied asking Stanley for cash for the facial treatment and said she felt "insulted" by his claim she was after his money.

Representing himself in court, Stanley asked Astrid why she gave him the ring back and not the car when she ended their relationship.

She said: "I saw no future in it. The car was a gift."

Stanley said: "I would never give a woman that much money unless there was a future for us."

He claimed he'd spent around PS12,000 plus the cost of the car during their three-month fling.

Across the courtroom, he asked his ex: "Was I just an old fool so much in love with you that I let you take advantage of me?" She replied: "I just cannot believe the question."

Stanley - executive producer of film company Celtic Arrow Media, based at his home in the Perthshire village of Harrietfield - couldn't believe his luck when he wooed Astrid and things got off to a great start.

He said: "I'm 70, widowed, and I was looking for a companion and this woman came across as being the same age as myself, same views, same likes, same dislikes.

"We got on like a house on fire."

Within weeks they were living together in Stanley's home - a 200-year-old stone-built pub called the Drumtochty Tavern - and at Astrid's bungalow.

But Stanley said: "My house is very cold so her arthritis didn't like it, even in July.

"So I moved in some of my stuff with her in Banchory but the plan was to go and live in Spain.

"She was going to let the house off the guys next door and oh my God, the plans we had...

"My friend wanted me to go to Spain and look into a business for him. That was the plan but then it all fell through.

"I decided to sue her because it was all done on the promise that she and I would live together and both benefit from it.

"Of course as soon as I said no to the nine grand, I was out the door. She said, 'Well that's us over' - just like that."

Stanley thought he had found the perfect partner to spend the rest of his life with.

He said: "She's a very flash lady, make no mistake. I was well smitten.

"I'm just your average-looking guy. I've been widowed twice, divorced twice.

"I've had businesses in Los Angeles and in the UK and I thought I knew what life was about but this woman just swept me off my feet.

"She has history too. She's been married four times.

"But once I got my marching orders, she never spoke to me again."

In his written judgment, Sheriff Brown said there was no doubt Stanley had been swept off his feet.

But he found much of Stanley's evidence "self-serving and self-justifying" while he found Astrid's "credible and reliable".

Astrid was unavailable for comment.

As soon as I said no to the nine grand, I was out the door - just like that STANLEY MAZUR


HEAD OVER HEELS But Stanley claims ex-fiancee Astrid was a gold digger

VULNERABLE Astrid claims she was lonely and Stanley steam-rollered her into their engagement

FIGHTER Astrid at court. Above, the PS150 engagement ring she gave back to Stanley

MARCHING ORDERS Film director Stanley Mazur was dumped by girlfriend

GLAMOUR PUSS Astrid van Harn with a feline friend
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Aug 1, 2016
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