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Dumb into the boardroom.


Is The Apprentice dumbing down? Let's see now. They fire the highly intellectual Margaret Mountford and replace her with top wrestler Ricky Martin.

Not to be confused with the forgotten singer of the same name, Ricky was the comedy contestant who won "Lord" Sugar's beloved "process" in 2012.

On the semi-pro grapple circuit he was known as Ricky Hype. So while he's nowhere near as clever or astute as Margaret, he could definitely beat her in a fight.

Two years ago we laughed like drains at a joke bloke absurdly calling himself "the reflection of perfection". So how could we take him seriously as he interviewed the latest losers about their boring business plans? Impossible.

As usual His Lordship's Rottweilers - including the great Claude Littner - ripped the idiots to shreds. Until we ended up with feeble finalists Mark "cougher" Wright and crybaby Bianca "Westminister" Miller.

Only Cockney Al gives a rat's backside what the undynamic duo's tedious little money-making schemes are.

Now, in another hammer blow to the show's scintilla of credibility, the wonderfully contemptuous Nick Hewer has quit. So long Nick... it's been real.


Bozo: Ricky

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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 21, 2014
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