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WHEN CHILDREN CANCEL PARENTS. Cover story Sep 6, 2021 4024
CANCELING Cancel Culture: The Left's strategy in its political war is to win the culture war--by belittling opposing viewpoints and personages to the point of removing economic opportunity and displacing them. Cover story Apr 19, 2021 4585
VIOLENCE FOR ME, CHARGES FOR THEE: Rand Paul pilloried Democrats for their hypocrisy in impeaching former President Trump for supposedly instigating violence, when it is something they do with regularity. Mar 8, 2021 1998
Capitol Violence Wasn't Surprising--and Was Very Convenient for the Left. Feb 1, 2021 805
VIOLENCE INC.: A LEFTIST ENTERPRISE. Cover story Nov 9, 2020 4247
The MANY MASKS OF ANTHONY FAUCI: America's COVID-19 guru Anthony Fauci contradicts himself so often that we literally can't believe anything he says. Oct 19, 2020 3411
Toppled Statues to Toppled Republic? Jul 20, 2020 785
LORD OF THE FLIES? What Really Happened When Six Boys Were Stranded on a Deserted Island. Jun 22, 2020 1387
Are COVID-19 Deaths Better Than Tyranny? May 4, 2020 735
SAVE BABIES AND ABORT: JUDICIAL SUPREMACY: With U.S. judges usurping the power to make or revoke laws--and Congress sitting idly by--it's time to nullify extra-constitutional judicial supremacy. Jul 8, 2019 3275
THE CRIME OF BEING Christian, White, Male, and Pro-life, and Wearing MAGA Hats: When teens from Covington Catholic High School went to the March for Life in Washington, D.C., they were accosted by leftist radicals, then framed as bigots. Feb 18, 2019 3000
Mommy, Don't Kill Me. Nov 5, 2018 4744
CHRISTIANITY IN THE CROSS HAIRS: Why the West Is Losing Its Faith. Jul 23, 2018 2954
The Democrats' Fightin' Words. Jul 23, 2018 801
COLLEGES IGNITING PROMISCUITY: Today's colleges are actually hosting orgiastic events and pushing perversity on students, all the while helping numb the young into ignorance, iniquity, and atheism. Jun 18, 2018 4557
CRAZINESS IN KIDS' CLASSES. Cover story Apr 9, 2018 4691
FROM PROZAC TO PARKLAND: Are Psychiatric Drugs Causing Mass Shootings? Mar 19, 2018 1682
Worse Than Watergate? Is Obama Like Nixon--Only More So? Mar 19, 2018 3585
The "McCarthying" of Roy Moore--AND WHAT HE STANDS FOR: Judge Roy Moore, who ran for a Senate seat in Alabama, was attacked almost nonstop by the media for allegations that wouldn't make the front page if he were a liberal Democrat. Jan 22, 2018 3727
Racial Demonization for Profit and Power: The words "white privilege" are slung as an epithet by liberals of all races in order to undermine Western culture, make way for Marxism, and cause racial division. Dec 4, 2017 3639
Mr. Hollywood: EXPELLED FROM THE ORGY. Nov 6, 2017 3877
Killing Columbus: Seeking the "Undiscovery" of America. Oct 9, 2017 4417
DACA: Demanding Amnesty for Cultural Annihilation. Oct 9, 2017 756
When will they blow up Mount Rushmore? Sep 18, 2017 801
Cussing & cultural decay. Jul 24, 2017 2514
The bloody left: the dark history of untrue believers: the past year's rioting, assault, arson, and vandalism should surprise no one, for violence is the closest thing leftists have to an unchanging, ever-perpetuated tradition. Jul 24, 2017 4016
Hypocrisy, thy name is leftist. Jun 19, 2017 3718
Tongues twisted left: manipulating minds by managing words. Jun 5, 2017 3402
Infantile nation: how breeding overgrown children begets the Nanny state: College kids nowadays are provided 'safe spaces," where only politically correct language is allowed, because they lack the mental maturity attained through "virtues" education. Jan 9, 2017 3399
George Washington's rules for the radically right: how did George Washington, a man with about five years of schooling, manage to inspire his army to face a global superpower and win? The strong moral character he developed. Jan 9, 2017 3371
Trump why he won: Trump won because he promised to defeat the globalists' vision, which is eroding in the face of populist calls to protect borders, jobs, and cultures, but they won't give up without a fight--if ever. Dec 5, 2016 4014
Liberalism and conservatism: the engine and caboose of the train to perdition: since liberalism strives to change the status quo--often successfully--and conservatism tries to maintain present standards, conservatives "conserve" liberals' bad changes. Nov 7, 2016 3425
The transgender con: rending bodies and twisting minds: science and logic invalidate the claims of the transgender lobby in the way of inheritability, diagnoses, and societal effect. Sep 19, 2016 3093
Where have you gone, George Washington? Killing our heroes: by gradually robbing the "good guys" of their virtues, we have made the hero as relative as modern values--and have robbed the young of needed role models. Apr 4, 2016 3096
The late Antonin Scalia and the "living document" lie: Antonin Scalia's life and death highlighted the absurdity that in the American Republic one person can make the difference in changing all the nation's laws. Mar 21, 2016 3926
A government of, by, and for judges: who will be our next oligarch? Mar 21, 2016 1653
The devil entered American homes last month. Feb 22, 2016 838
The spaceship-earthers: and their death star culture: along with warnings about disaster caused by manmade global warming, repeated claims that Earth would soon see overpopulation and mass starvation have proven false. Jan 4, 2016 2078
Christians need not apply: using the clout of justices who are willing to disregard both U.S. law and any semblance of fairness, homosexual advocates are trying to drive christians into poverty. Cover story Oct 5, 2015 3163
Mating with machines. Essay Sep 7, 2015 1488
Our not-so-gay times. Aug 3, 2015 2698
In the clouds on homosexual "marriage": a majority in the Supreme Court gave its blessing to nationwide homosexual "marriage"--in a decision that flouted both the law and common sense. Jul 20, 2015 2825
Supreme constitutional trespass: marriage. Jun 8, 2015 751
Growing government by killing the family: as the intact family becomes a thing of the past, enthusiastically pushed into its grave by the government and progressives, the nanny state takes over. May 4, 2015 2772
Forget North Korea: watch out for Chinese censorship of Hollywood: as movie production companies seek distribution in China, Beijing increasingly exercises its clout and censors movies and scripts it doesn't like. Feb 16, 2015 1598
Tongues twisted left. Dec 1, 2014 3960
People who'll do anything to win: for those people who don't recognize that absolute truth exists, lying and deceit are standard operating procedure in life, especially in their politics. Nov 3, 2014 2925
Why liberals will not stop destroying civilization: liberalism is not an ideology, rather it is a process of continual change, so it does not seek an idealized vision of the world. It seeks only to undo social norms, to our detriment. Oct 20, 2014 3091
Religion: crutch for the crazy or panacea for peon and prince? Atheists regularly claim that religion is a crutch for emotionally and intellectually weak people--or even a mental illness--but what do actual studies say? Sep 22, 2014 3660
Should our freedoms be casualties, too? Column Sep 22, 2014 749
Is China the next evil empire? Jun 23, 2014 3847
A killer's journey from Hollywood to hell. Jun 23, 2014 850
Americans need not apply: a recent move against the Boy Scouts and the forced resignation of Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich are part of a growing movement to stigmatize, and economically handicap, people who espouse traditional Christian morality. May 19, 2014 1722
Equal pay for equal work means paying men more: though it is often claimed that men make more money than women, once experience, hours worked, and job types are figured in, men's and women's wages are comparable. May 19, 2014 3150
When science trades on religion. Essay Apr 21, 2014 3837
And that's the way it isn't: libeling history with leftist myths. Apr 21, 2014 4058
Hollywood dearest seared souls and the silrer screen: With the exception of targeting some priests, Hollywood has not tackled, exposed, or condemned pedophilia. It has, in fact, aided in its acceptance and protected its perpetrators. Mar 24, 2014 2758
Landing me with science: Fraud and Folly for Fame and Funding Most people would likely be surprised to learn that a large percentage of scientific studies are later retracted because they were found to be fraudulent. Mar 3, 2014 3566
Westerners in wonderland and the Death of Reality: Westerners are willing to deny such things as someone's gender or the consequences of unending increases in national debt, but all available evidence reveals the truth. Feb 17, 2014 3148
Ducking the real issue on duck dynasty: after A&E network shunned Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for condemning homosexuality, fan furor caused the network to back down. Conservatives are celebrating. They shouldn't. Essay Feb 3, 2014 3180
Influential beats the cultural impact of music: music can have a powerful influence on people, enhancing feelings of competitiveness, romance, isolation, hate, or patriotism. it can even help make or break a culture. Cover story Jan 20, 2014 4428
The Inquisition and iniquity: burning heretics or history: the Inquisition, used by atheists to revile Christians, was not a Catholic killing machine, but a fairly successful attempt to save lives from secular "justice.". Dec 23, 2013 3997
The slippery slope to pedophilia: it is unlikely that many Americans now believe that pedophilia will soon be accepted in this country, but it is riding the same track to respectability as did homosexual "marriage.". Oct 7, 2013 4468
Diploma disaster? With the job market glutted with unemployed young people with college degrees, is getting a college education a solid plan or a disaster waiting to happen? Cover story Aug 5, 2013 3333
The acceptance con: the word "tolerance" implies a go-along-and-get-along atmosphere. But actually tolerance means moral people have to be silent as they are belittled by immoral ones. Essay Jun 17, 2013 2860
Mayberry to mayhem murder, modernity, and the gun: the United States has quickly gone from a country where responsible boys were often given guns on their twelfth birthday to a country afraid to give guns to adults. Why? Mar 18, 2013 3015
Observing Obama: President Obama doesn't belong to a party calling itself socialist or Marxist or communist, but if he were tried in the court of public opinion for socialist views, he'd be found guilty. Jan 23, 2012 1827
Multiculturalism: multiculturalists believe that dissimilar cultures within a nation strengthen it and that assimilation is condescending to immigrants, but in fact "diversity" divides countries. Cover story Sep 5, 2011 3316
Stopping Obama's Attack: Michael Savage reveals Obama's Marxist foundations, devastates Obama's ideology and actions, and beats up fellow travelers, Democrats and Republicans alike. Book review Mar 7, 2011 1276
The lost man behind the leftist myth: Jared Lee Loughner's motives have been scrutinized and synthesized to learn why he committed mass murder, but the fact of the matter is that Loughner is mentally unhinged. Feb 7, 2011 1371
Engineering oblivion: eugenics, the remaking of man and unmaking of morality: eugenicists placed such a premium on human physical perfection that there was no consideration of the methods used to achieve it, nor the consequences of the ideal. Aug 30, 2010 2637
Generation Zero: Generation Zero analyzes our time in history, proving that America is coming to the end of a civilizational cycle presaging great strife, and telling where we go from here. Video recording review Jul 19, 2010 1679
Pope Pius XII: hero in the unmaking; the story of the 20th century's most successful character-assassination campaign. Mar 15, 2010 3176
When Christendom pushed back: present-day revisionism inaccurately portrays the Crusades as the lashing out of narrow-minded Christian bigots against the peace-loving, intellectually advanced Muslims. Feb 15, 2010 4113
Don't cry for Roman Polanski. Oct 26, 2009 820
Beyond the idea of an icon: President Obama is a media figure and public idol like no other President before him. This fact says much about newscasters, but it says even more about many Americans. Cover story Oct 12, 2009 2886
Death in Russia: Killing Girls: Russian women average six abortions in their lives. Killing Girls documents the lives of women who get abortions in Russia, showing clearly the horror of abortion yet justifying it. Jul 20, 2009 1413
Angels & Demons: the protestations of Ron Howard, the director of Angels & Demons, that this film is not anti-Catholic ring hollow and are an insult to intelligence. Movie review Jun 22, 2009 1239
Controlling thoughts, words, and deeds: the Matthew Shepard Act, "hate-crime" legislation, is supposedly needed to stop violence against people with abnormal sexual orientations, but it's clear that's not its intended goal. Jun 8, 2009 1996
Kinsey: deviancy is the new normal: The Kinsey Syndrome, a DVD documentary about the "Father of the Sexual Revolution" and his research, examines Kinsey's methods, his supporters, and his legacy of lust. Apr 27, 2009 3593
Valkyrie: The real von Stauffenberg: a German colonel led a coup to assassinate Hitler and rescue Germany from an evil regime. Biography Mar 2, 2009 3217
Intelligent Design and evolution: believers in Intelligent Design have often been scorned as being opposed to science, but science itself is showing that it is the evolutionists who are opposed to rational inquiry. Dec 8, 2008 3594
A global population Ice Age: Demographic Winter shows that Earth's population is poised not for an explosion but for an implosion, as birthrates around the globe plummet to all-time lows. Jun 23, 2008 1394
Hitler and Christianity: Nazism was not one of the fruits of Christianity, but of its rejection. Adolf Hitler and his minions sought not to serve Christ, but to replace Christ. Jun 9, 2008 3436
Written in the Eternal Constitution: the eternal constitution of man's nature dictates that when we don't apply morality to restrain our own impulses, government will step in with ever-increasing controls. Essay Apr 14, 2008 2186
The new nanotech world: good and bad things come in small packages. Viewpoint essay Mar 31, 2008 2791

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