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Duhrkheim's goose lays golden eggs: wood workers' journal June 1933. (From the Archieves).

Figuratively speaking, the goose in the hencoop in the woodworking industry is the shipping department. Perhaps it is because the problems of packing lie slightly beyond the field of what is ordinarily called production that this department in many plants is forced more or less to shift for itself. But experience has taught many executives that profits made in the production line may quickly be swallowed by improper shipping practices and where this is the case, as much attention should be given to delivering the goods on the customer's floor as is given to manufacturing a quality product.

Fast, efficient and economical preparation of the product for shipping, providing for a minimum of goods damaged, lost, strayed or stolen, makes the shipping department, not the ugly duckling that is tolerated because it must exist, but actually the goose that lays the golden eggs.

A recent innovation by Duhrkheim, especially adaptable to better shipping of wood products, is the introduction of nail-less steel strapping. This is quick to apply, strong and insures safe delivery of the product. Where containers are used, marked reduction in the thickness of the materials is made, thereby reducing freight costs as well as packing costs. While the container is made stronger by the use of steel strapping, and the material costs are reduced, the labor saving, made possible by the ease with which it is put on, is no small problem.

Perhaps a greater saving yet for many woodworking manufacturers lies in the elimination of crates, which are both expensive and hard to make up.
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Date:Jun 1, 2002
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