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Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating Still Low. Survey Sep 28, 2018 578
Americans Still Favor Beer Over Other Alcoholic Beverages. Survey Jul 30, 2018 554
In U.S., Smoking Rate Hits New Low at 16%. Survey Jul 24, 2018 544
Guns Fall From Record High as Top Problem. Survey Apr 17, 2018 696
U.S. Satisfaction With the Government Remains Low. Survey Feb 28, 2018 920
Party, Ideology and Race Play Key Roles in Trump Approval. Survey Jan 22, 2018 1170
In the News: Oprah Winfrey. Brief article Jan 10, 2018 281
Confidence in the U.S. Economy Remains Relatively Strong. Survey Dec 5, 2017 602
Confidence in the Economy Rises Over Thanksgiving Week. Survey Nov 28, 2017 551
Americans' Confidence in the Economy Falls Slightly. Survey Nov 21, 2017 320
U.S. Economic Confidence Index Unchanged at +7. Survey Nov 14, 2017 469
Americans' Confidence in the Economy Steady Last Week. Survey Oct 31, 2017 420
U.S. Economic Confidence Is Once Again Positive, at +4. Survey Oct 24, 2017 513
Confidence in U.S. Economy Dips to +4 in September. Survey Oct 3, 2017 592
Economic Confidence Up Slightly as Expectations Brighten. Survey Sep 19, 2017 424
Confidence in U.S. Economy Remains Slightly Positive. Survey Sep 12, 2017 610
U.S. Economic Confidence Surges, Then Declines, in August. Survey Sep 5, 2017 404
U.S. Economic Confidence Edges Down Last Week. Survey Aug 29, 2017 438
U.S. Economic Confidence Continues to Rise in August. Survey Aug 22, 2017 515
U.S. Economic Confidence Holds on to Prior Week's Gains. Survey Aug 15, 2017 412
Americans' Confidence in Economy Positive, but Near 2017 Low. Survey Aug 1, 2017 720
Confidence in Economy Remains Slightly Positive in U.S. Survey Jul 25, 2017 606
Americans' Confidence in the Economy Unmoved. Survey Jul 11, 2017 522
U.S. Divorce Rate Dips, but Moral Acceptability Hits New High. Survey Jul 7, 2017 1008
Americans' Confidence in Economy Remains at Low for the Year. Survey Jul 5, 2017 733
Cost of Healthcare Is Americans' Top Financial Concern. Survey Jun 23, 2017 659
Americans' Confidence in Economy Stable. Survey Jun 20, 2017 553
Confidence in Economy in May Lowest Since November 2016. Survey Jun 6, 2017 715
Americans' Confidence in Economy Steady at +4 Last Week. Survey May 23, 2017 565
Americans' Confidence in Economy at Post-Election Low. Survey May 16, 2017 449
US Economic Confidence Index Now at 2017 Low. Survey May 9, 2017 548
US Economic Confidence Falls in April, but Still Positive. Survey May 2, 2017 641
Americans' Confidence in Economy Stable, Positive. Survey Apr 25, 2017 687
U.S. Economic Confidence Unchanged Despite Positive Signs. Survey Jul 12, 2016 745
In U.S., a Third See Government Problems as Crises. Survey Feb 10, 2016 715
Carson Best-Liked of All Presidential Candidates. Survey Nov 5, 2015 1003
About Half of U.S. Adults Say Local Crime Is on the Rise. Survey Oct 26, 2015 833
Solid Majority Continue to Support Death Penalty. Survey Oct 15, 2015 838
Majority of Americans See Congress as Out of Touch, Corrupt. Survey Sep 28, 2015 906
Union Members Less Content With Safety, Recognition at Work. Survey Sep 11, 2015 729
Campaign Challenges Aside, Clinton's Image With Dems Stable. Survey Aug 21, 2015 768
Secretary of State John Kerry's Image Improves. Survey Aug 14, 2015 665
U.S. Congress and Its Leaders Suffer Public Discontent. Survey Aug 12, 2015 832
Among Republicans, GOP Candidates Better Known Than Liked. Survey Jul 24, 2015 1063
Democratic Party Reclaims Edge in Favorable Ratings. Survey Jul 20, 2015 625
As in 1999, Most Do Not See Trump as Serious Candidate. Jul 14, 2015 832
Americans Still More Confident in Small vs. Big Business. Survey Jul 6, 2015 728
Trust Differs Most by Ideology for Church, Police, Presidency. Survey Jun 30, 2015 774
Men, Women Differ on Morals of Sex, Relationships. Survey Jun 19, 2015 784
Fewer in U.S. View Iraq, Afghanistan Wars as Mistakes. Survey Jun 12, 2015 795
Once Taboo, Some Behaviors Now More Acceptable in U.S. Survey Jun 1, 2015 844
Confidence in Obama's Economic Decisions Rises in U.S. Apr 24, 2015 999
Conservative Republicans Alone on Global Warming's Timing. Apr 22, 2015 1178
Rand Paul Begins Campaign Relatively Well-Known Among GOP. Apr 7, 2015 978
As Nuclear Talks Progress, 11% in U.S. See Iran Favorably. Feb 27, 2015 1061
Slightly More Americans Say U.S. Is No. 1 Military Power. Feb 20, 2015 732
New Congress Has Slightly Higher Ratings, Still Unpopular. Feb 16, 2015 909
In U.S., 6 in 10 Dissatisfied With Immigration Levels. Jan 29, 2015 849
U.S. Divided on Whether GOP or Obama Should Have More Influence. Jan 15, 2015 1013
Nontraditional Grads in U.S. Not as Attached to Alma Mater. Dec 4, 2014 808
In U.S., 37% Do Not Feel Safe Walking at Night Near Home. Nov 24, 2014 837
Democratic Party Favorable Rating Falls to Record Low. Survey Nov 12, 2014 796
Obama Effect Likely Negative in Key Senate Races. Survey Nov 3, 2014 1036
The State of New Hampshire: Politically in Flux. Survey Oct 24, 2014 1005
U.S. Voters Give GOP Edge vs. Dems on Handling Top Issues; Prefer GOP on seven of 13 election issues; Democrats, on just four. Survey Oct 13, 2014 1040
One-Fifth of Americans Worry About Getting Ebola; Level of concern on par with that seen in 2009 H1N1/swine flu outbreak. Oct 7, 2014 1172
Kansas: GOP Has Numbers Advantage, but Support Drops; Among states with the most Republicans, Kansas has the fewest conservatives. Oct 3, 2014 1507
Fewer Conservative Dems in Arkansas Adds to Tight Midterm; Arkansas residents confident in state government. Sep 19, 2014 1367
In U.S., More Hispanics Name Immigration as Top Problem; Ranks second to economy in general among Hispanics. Sep 19, 2014 912
Americans Still Avoid Fat More Than Carbs; Share saying they avoid fat has fallen as new research suggests fat can be healthy. Jul 29, 2014 935
Many U.S. Smokers Say Higher Cigarette Taxes Are Unjust; But many smokers think smoking restrictions in public places are justified. Jul 18, 2014 1035
Congressional Approval Rating Languishes at Low Level; More than one in five say replacing all members is best way to fix it. Jul 15, 2014 1254
Fewer in U.S. Support Iraq Withdrawal Decision Now vs. 2011; A majority, 57%, say 2003 war was a mistake. Jun 25, 2014 746
Americans' Confidence in News Media Remains Low; Across newspapers, TV, and Internet, confidence no higher than 22%. Jun 19, 2014 866
Despite Enrollment Success, Healthcare Law Still Unpopular; Affordable Care Act is most popular among blacks, least among whites. May 29, 2014 1064
Indian Election Highlights Women's Personal Safety Concerns; In Northern India, women feel less secure and have less faith in police. May 9, 2014 902
Three in 10 Voters Say They Will Vote to Oppose Obama; As in 2010, almost two-thirds of Republicans say they will vote to oppose Obama. May 8, 2014 1137
Corruption Concerns All Generations of Indian Voters; Young Indians least confident in honesty of elections. Apr 14, 2014 830
As Taxes Rise, Half in U.S. Say Middle-Income Pay Too Much; A near-record high of 23% say lower-income Americans pay too little. Apr 14, 2014 1239
Economy Major Issue Ahead of Election in India; Record one in three Indians see nation's economy as getting worse. Apr 4, 2014 870
Americans View Obama Better on Environment Than Energy; Opinions on his handling of these two issues tick down in 2014. Mar 24, 2014 1000
Americans Most Likely to Say Global Warming Is Exaggerated; Sixty percent say most scientists believe global warming is occurring. Mar 17, 2014 1060
Americans' Familiarity With Healthcare Law Unchanged; Nearly a third of the country not too or not at all familiar with the law. Feb 6, 2014 706
Majority of Americans Still Disapprove of Healthcare Law; Attitudes toward law and its long-run potential still tilt negative. Feb 4, 2014 781
Americans' Tech Tastes Change With Times; Internet-connected devices growing in popularity. Jan 6, 2014 1021
Democratic Party Maintains Favorability Edge Over GOP; Republican Party's favorability rating at 32%, Democrats' rating at 42%. Survey Dec 11, 2013 788
U.S. Small-Business Owners Split on Raising Minimum Wage; Six in 10 small-business owners say wage increase will harm businesses. Nov 22, 2013 769
Americans Say Cost Is Top Health Problem; Despite healthcare law's ongoing rollout, cost and access still top the list. Survey Nov 21, 2013 938
More Say Crime Is Serious Problem in U.S. Than Locally; Two-thirds of Americans feel safe walking near their homes at night. Survey Nov 1, 2013 975
Republican Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low; Falls 10 percentage points from September's 38%. Survey Oct 9, 2013 812
Congressional Leaders Get Low Marks as Fiscal Fight Looms; Republicans more likely to disapprove than approve of their party's leaders. Survey Sep 20, 2013 969
Democrats Lack Advantage on Three Key U.S. Issue Areas; Republicans are not gaining from Democrats' weaknesses on key issues. Survey Sep 16, 2013 849
In U.S., Majority Approves of Unions, but Say They'll Weaken; Approval of 54% is below historical average of 62% since 1936. Survey Aug 30, 2013 866
Americans Still Wary of, Not Too Familiar With, Health Law; Young adults least likely to say they are familiar with law. Survey Aug 22, 2013 1104
Fast Food Still Major Part of U.S. Diet; Most Americans believe fast food is not "good for you". Survey Aug 6, 2013 966
In U.S., Support for Complete Smoking Ban Increases to 22%; Another 55% support banning smoking in all public places. Survey Jul 29, 2013 1047
Americans' Approval of Supreme Court Near All-Time Low; After historic term, less than a third of Republicans approve of the court. Survey Jul 19, 2013 1202
Passing New Immigration Laws Is Important to Americans; Major parts of Senate immigration bill popular among different racial/ethnic groups. Survey Jul 11, 2013 1327
World Remains Glum About Job Prospects; Europe continues to lead the world in job market pessimism. Survey Jun 21, 2013 1400
Americans View GOP Less Favorably Than Democratic Party; Both parties' favorability ratings are below their historical averages. Survey Jun 18, 2013 1081

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